Thoughts can either make mountains out of  molehills or molehills out of mountains .. and all depending on whether we are our own best friend or our own worst enemy

Its those moments when thoughts make life feel increasingly tricky … Your thoughts weaving detailed  webs of drama … let go complicated

Then It’s time to just stop & breath … & just simply remember to LOVE YOU

photo 2 (13)x
Scent an intricate delight for the senses

So just BREATHE & Give yourself the Love & Respect .. you have always given to others..

Why ?

Just because you are worth it

Allowing your Worth brings JOY to every aspect of Intricate  Beauty ..

As you breathe & just allow yourself to BE YOU .. you’ll see daily signs of Creations Magical LOVE  … Celebrating with you LIFE in  Hearts n Diamonds… Rainbows n more ❤




2 thoughts on “Molehills to mountains or just simply mountains to molehills cause your Worth it :)

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