Cherry Blossom Beauty .. & the motion of a light breeze … one of the most nourishing things for the Soul  .. in Springs Wondrous Marvellous Beautifully Exciting repertoire of colour and scent


I always feel so blessed by the healing rays .. the Energy in motion in and around everything & everyone …This beautiful Life Force Energy always feel even more life enhancing & expending by the presence of the Guardians .. the Angels  ..  the Faeries n All the Nature Spirits too  … so much LOVE all around … Life Force popping .. & shooting like stars .. spreading the energy far and wide . In beautiful motions like glitter / faerie dust dancing & swirling all around  ..


So many have disconnected themselves from this most simplistic opening to healing light  .. the knowing that humans can heal like nature .. Man might harm nature .. but Mama Nature always grows back  …

One Source created all .. when in Balance and fully connected ..everything Heals with ease ❤


its most Magical to sit under a big Blossoming Cherry Tree with the wind whispering secrets of warmer days

Wishing you Beauty & Creations Healing Magic in every way in all your days ❤



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