Pondering Value n depths of confidence … then really seeing clearly by being told a story of a Dragonfly n a Sparrow

Pondering Value & depths of confidence …  then really seeing clearly by being told a story of a Dragonfly & a Sparrow  ..

Ephemeral dragonfly before its first flight
Ephemeral dragonfly before its first flight

hmmm well all I can say is I’ve had a couple of them weeks where I’ve looked around and wondered why I do what I do. .. at least here where I am right now … its kinda given me that burning need to be back in a city .. and not in a small place ..where weird is synonymous with … ooo are you sure we cant tie er to the stake … cause she suggests we have personal responsibility for our healing …

I’ve had clients come back to me form all over the world .. even the complete other side New Zealand … Australia .. South Africa & New York .. which is beyond Awesome  & Amazing  also totally humbling to the thoughts I’ve been having on n off because of being completely surrounded by suffering people … everything from cancer through  the entire A to Z through to the mundane arthritis .. gout & n the like …. pain of all sorts …

to me unnecessary pain … & over the years I’ve keep trying . offering help .. which more often than not isn’t even declined .. but just simply ignored .. Its been heart breaking to see people suffer and even died when you know they don’t need to ..

I know its all about FREE WILL & personal CHOICES ..  & I know their choices have nothing to do with me … but is solely their own fear based choice … their power having been handed over to the establishment and all their conversation .. is illness .. pills n potions .. a kinda joy in talking about aches n pains … having more than the next person  and a weird senseless love in the chemical sweeties that bit by bit are draining them of their own life force … ooo & NO I haven’t said that out loud   .. its just what I see happening  …

There has been some times lately where I’ve felt totally exhausted form it all … with a spinning completely non-comprehensive mind   …. as to why would someone choose pain over feeling great  ..

Then yesterday I was told this story … or I was asked if I had ever seen a dragon fly larvae …. to a discussed grimace … well they look a little like the alien in alien ..so I can get the look ..LOL ..

Then I was asked if I had ever seen one come out of its larva stage and unfurl into the magnificent beauty of a full dragon fly  …  … and I must say .. I’ve seen them just before and just after but ever in person been lucky enough to witness the whole transformation   …

So it was explained to me … from crawling up a long straw …. slowly .. oh so slowly wiggling loose from the larvae housing ..stretching out … and unfurling wings .. stretching and drying them …. and eventually lifting off in all its glory …  flying ….

As I said OH wow … what a beautiful experience … she said ..well No ..after all that  a sparrow came .. swooped in and snap him up for lunch …

Apart form an OH … I had no words … but it told me everything heart needed to know …. her shadow side ..the sparrow .. destroying the healing transformation that could have been hers in flight … if she could but control her shadow (fear) ..she could heal and be whole.

For me there was also a deep seeing that was pointed out to me later … there had been many sparrows in my life  … & now it was beyond time to let go all sadness for other peoples choices … & just VALUE … Appreciate  & Flow with Confidence in ME ..

Focus on the beyond marvellous & Wondrous .. the wonder of all those who will travel the world for healing with me …& all the Amazing Beauty that is always all around …. Focus on those that choose LOVE … & let all the rest be swept on by on the winds of change … until maybe one they they might be ready too.

Letting the LOVE shine freely ❤


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