Ooo the raw straight from The farm beeswax just turned up  it’s going to make such a huge difference to the lip balms organic soaps n such + a certain gent is going to be thrilled to make his didgeridoo mouthpiece out of it .. A very good morning so far

raw beeswax

Will be sidetracked again … not that the whole getting to grips with the being a brand thing hasn’t taken up oo so much time … I’m a perfectionist doing & redoing … writing & rewriting .. YIKES .. sorry ..will write more very soon I promise .. cause a certain someone just made me promise to stop being a perfectionist and just get on with being ME ..LOL  .. It was the ROSE essence … it could make me promise anything 😉 Hahahahahaha

Today though Sound healing  day  ❤

Wishing you all Beautiful Magical days ❤



One thought on “A good day .. raw beeswax and pure Rose essential oil .. for balms n things :)

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