Solar Eclipse … Fresh LIGHT ..Orbs n Violas .. Vernal Equinox /Ostara

Rainbow light filled the morning of this Vernal Equinox / Ostara … the Cosmic celebrations were led by an 85% Solar Eclipse here in England  … an hour or so before the eclipse started @8.30am the air was thick with rainbow light … & the white light had this pure brilliance to it  … it was most beautiful …. As the sky darkened little by little this brilliance stayed with us … Outside & in till we went of for a walk just after it had peaked ..


Interestingly the Orb lights seem to reflect the Solar Eclipse … Here inside closing in on peak time


& outside @ peak time 🙂 the orbs also reflect the event … here with 2 duckies that most unusually seem to prefer to sit on the roof to floating down the river



This next one was taken around 10am as we were just setting off for a walk


& just before 11 am coming back out of the woods .. The LIGHT & Orbs still Wondrous ❤


& back home last years violas were showing themselves to be Fresh & having a Beautiful New Life 🙂


May your days all be filled with LOVE LIGHT & Creations Magic in every way ❤

IN every moment of every day there is Enough to make us all very Happy indeed  … The JOY comes from the inside … so Breathe deep & set it FREE


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