OKIE It’s time to just stop & breath & LOVE YOU ❤  let it go .. people live & act to the to the level of the human drama they participate in …within drama all is different levels of fake .. it’s all about taking energy from others … & that includes the supposedly spiritual

Only from a whole loving to self space of being & Living the LOVE .. can we hope to truly make changes .. it’s being present … it’s BEing the PRESENT to ourselves & others .. It’s living by example … BEing all that we wish to see in our lives & on our precious earth 

5th nov ORBS with film effect in gratitude present

Real & True has to be in that space within where source LOVE & we meet .. our Hearts .. Our Hearts know the true value of our souls ..ignoring the minds nonsense & living as best we can from this beautiful space ..where Gratitude LOVE & creations Magic flows .. is BEing in our own TRUE POWER

Unconditional LOVE is the POWER

Now with two people in that space can we find REAL .. in partnerships too …

So just BREATHE & take your POWER back Wonderful’s .. don’t waste any more of your precious life force energy ..wondering WHY some do what they do .. LET IT GO .. we don’t have to understand why others do what they do .. that’s their shit ..so to speak ..

We only have to understand our own choices & learn how to make much better ones for ourselves in the future

Give yourself the Love & Respect .. you have always given to others.. Then the new & beautiful that mirror that will come into your life ..

You become a Magnet for your dreams



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