More Rewards … Energy has been way up … up so high that life gets a wee bit  turbulent .. Rainbow light ..n .. Orbs  all around .. the rewards of Source light & Angels playing always makes my Heart soar ❤


Grounding the high LOVE Vibrations .. there has been & probably will be for a while longer times the energy is coming in so solidly that there is naught to do but just breathe & go into deep meditation mode .. letting the LOVE LIGHT ground deep into Mama Earth & let the Healing flow where it is needed most ❤ & I do stay off the laptop when it’s so high ..don’t want to short any fuses 🙂 LOL


So just stop & feel the energy Wonderful’s .. once you really BREATHE .. & flow with the high energy moments  … and everything changes for the better ❤ 


Let go worry .. just let go & let yourself really deeply & intensely feel the energy .. especially if it’s on the other side of what feels uncomfortable or even painful … Most the discomforts are just portals to get to your own core & they are there so you see & feel what to let go .. what does not serve you getting through to the other side of all that feels a bit like what it looks like when you watch the tiny crack in the heavy dark clouds of a rainy & stop day & that little sun window widens & widens & before you know it all discomfort & pain is done cause you are just feeling the light energies & the Healing is totally present .. like when the sun has broken through & is all around in bright blue skies

LOVE LIGHT & Abundant Blessings to you All ❤



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