Wacky world …. the news is a question of colours n viral dresses .. + the side effects of 50 shades …. makes for some hilarious stories .. even while avoiding the news I couldn’t escape it … so its been a day to make me ponder  … life … 

This dress that’s going around social media .. white n gold .. or blue n black  .. it was the first thing I saw this morning  seemed just funny at the time … & I found it more light blue n chocolate … go figure I’m weird there too ..LOL .. but then I had not had my coffee yet so  … maybe it was cause I was just thinking of having a piece of nice dark Belgian chocolate with it 😉 …  but now .. seeing that over 21 million responded just to the first post alone has made me wonder & .. question ????? & my brain has more & more ??? & Really’s ????????

What if it was that wondrously easy to spread really good beautiful news too …  not just nonsense ..Miracles n Magic now if that could spread that fast wouldn’t it be awesome 🙂 .. something that really made someone feel better ❤

but as it stands it speaks a bit of society as a whole I guess … or mainstream at least …. Kinda sad really .. so many things could make major differences in this world .. yet this goes viral .. ??? 

On a slightly different but to me similar topic .. the 50 shades thing ..there has been a few news articles across Europe … that have made me roar with laughter ..  at .. lets call it just simply what it is 🙂 just plain & simple stupidity 😉 

They have been along the line of  Fire & Rescue having an extreme amount of call outs to folks in the most silly …  ridiculous .. Extremely stuck 😉  & highly embarrassing ways n  situations .. in the week flowing the release of the movie ..

HA .. lets just say .. the stories amused me as at least those brave souls that normally risk their lives for others safety gets paid overtime 🙂  & get the most hilarious stories to share 😉  which to me is 1000 times better than the glorification of domestic abuse n more the film & books portray ..

Well it put the whole thing into a funny perspective … for me … but it sure also makes for some pondering about intelligence levels I have to say …

So much so many are missing … so much of peoples power being given / thrown away .. in the following a flow that demeans women … that glorifies domestic abuse & other manipulation & abuse of power …

It sure makes the importance of being present in each moment extremely clear ..



Not to mention our choices .. how we choose to use our FREE WILL & spend our precious time ❤ & what we chose to put our power .. our energy behind ..

024smaller x


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