OOOOOOOOO well a prompt it may be ..  A Plot of Earth …. You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Wowsers .. now that is even better than this Mad thought but I’d LOVE it  & wondering who would  😉  … So I’m going to Play a little though & write this as if I’m already there with & on the plot of land .. with the house 😉 & the Wacky Weird Wondrous Amazing FREEDOM of all the financial resources & then some …

If this was a real contest ... OH YIP ... most definitely ... sure ... AHA ... & could I get to keep the house too :) .. OH YES PLEASE ;)
If this was a real contest … OH YIP … most definitely … sure … AHA … & could I get to keep the house too 🙂 .. OH YES PLEASE 😉  … Pretty PLEASE

So here goes ….. Artistic FREEDOM n all …  I should warn you I have BIG Dreams ❤ 😉  & I’m expecting miracles .. so maybe I’ll see you here someday 🙂

So now that my life is filled to the brim ..and far beyond with Magic .. JOY & Freedom All is so beautifully Abundant .. the rolling over into magic lottery win has given access to sharing the magic .. in the most amazing way .. (hey well I’m practical 😉 LOL .. I’s all about expecting the MIRACLES after all 🙂 .. just sayin 😉 )

We’ve been feeling blessed with writing and travelling ….  having seeing the beauty all round this magical planet we live on…. on our travels we have had our eyes open for a place to settle down and call home …

We found this amazing place .. its just Magical .. a place of rejuvenation and healing support for the soul of all that come to visit and stay for a while…. & We’d really LOVE Visitors … this kinda inner peace & JOY just has to be shared … its so immeasurably good for the soul.

A Tuscan villa … & somehow also by the sea … so Magical all around really … a Healing Guest House in Southern Tuscany .. a most beautiful magical place filled with LOVE LIGHT ..HEALING & BEAUTY .. where our inner peace and love can be shared with all those new friends and guests .. that can do with some time being supported to flourish .. to bloom .. to fly.

pic from web unknown origin  pic from web unknown origin  

Its Large … white inside and out ..  Its LIGHT ….  situated close to majestic trees .. & forest … close to the sea .. surrounded by vines for our vineyard & olive groves ..

Orange and lemon trees … fruits of all magically juicy sweet and tasty varieties

Organic vegetables grown for our kitchen and restaurant … where both indoor and outdoor love filled cooking treats the sense to delight and magic …  in all ways … we set the menu with the Growers & Wine makes of the precious gifts of the land .. our guests enjoy the daily blessings  ….


Here we also create our Healing Flower Essences & add some wondrous amazing feel good healing in Maia’s Chocolate Truffles  ..

Well there are so many ways that Vibrational medicine can work 😉 .. you have no idea .. but be ready for surprises .. there will be many.

There will be many ways to stay with us … the top of the range just stay and have healing / treatments … enjoy .. just BE Pampered  …Expensive “maybe” .. but Oh so beyond worth it! The healing community that stay & work with us are all exceptional in their own ways .. our Soul family id Magical indeed.

The same but with part payment ..part work /share … either in garden kitchen house .. on farm.. or vineyards … with the beautiful  souls who run the farm .. the vineyard  .. the woodlands and gardens … a shared Fair trade beautiful community … where ART also expands the senses

Feeling blessed …  those who work with us are so happy they really do not want to leave  … just want to stay as part of an extended soul family of beautiful .. gentle beings .. Sensitive …GENUINE Loving souls .. With Truth & LOVE in a completely Drama free zone. … Its a place to feel so good ..that anything can heal from the inside out … and everything changes ❤

One of my own :)
One of my own pictures  🙂

A magical garden  with flowers and scents of bliss … Crystals large powerful amazing all around … Enchanting through many magical areas for meditation and contemplation … all set with large rose quarts..  white quarts and others seats tables ..water features .. sundials ..focal points of healing  .. rejuvenation and balancing of mind body and soul .. & Large powerful crystals are present in every room to bring the experience of Mama Nature inside too.


There is a large salt water swimming pool … with crystal rocks and waterfalls over  mama natures mineral .. a lot of large powerful turquoise all around and local white stone covers the area around the pool


The central courtyard … paved in white stone .. centred around a simple white stone square pool .. with a central fountain .. possibly water lilies or lotus blossoms … and at each corner of the raised pool ..a large blessed Amethyst crystals


& a few crystal tables to create daily journals blogs 😉 🙂 and magical words .. of wisdom .. humour & JOY

like in areas of the house as much of Nature & natural ..  of LIGHT as we can let out pasts in design flow with .. in to & around 🙂

There are very large rooms high ceilings … all with natural stone and wood  ..

whitewashed interiors  .. large windows and much .. much light … OH did I mention LIGHT ..

on the ground floor all windows open as doors onto and over built arched porch  … for life to be lived indoors and out at all times … Music Fun JOY … Food  … Wine .. dancing  for LIFE to be lived out loud in JOYs as well of cause .. as PEACEFUL spaces for moments to just BE .. all around.  The house has either 3 or 4 long sides abound a large central courtyard .. where  candles and lanterns are lit at night while the music is live & enchanting.

A large central reception area / hall way  … from the centre of which stairs leading up to the many guest bedrooms … to the one side a beautiful big desk for signing in ..just outside an archway into the office the other main room on this side a large reception / sitting room .. all along big arched windows / doors … a big almost walk in fireplace … comfortable sofas and chairs … colours aquamarine jade and turquoise in the whitewashed and natural stone interior with silver/ steel details … large amethyst geodes and other crystals as focal points and for the healing energies


To the other side of the reception /hallway .. a large dining hall again with arched window/doors all the way along both sides of the room … with tables inside and out to both sides  .. + one large long table for sharing … and getting to know new friends.

& yet another almost walk in fireplace along the far wall down from the doors to the kitchen …

Lemon yellow and blue colours brighten up and invite in the natural stone and whitewashed surroundings  very large white and clear quartz crystals are grouped with green beautiful plants

the indoor outdoor kitchen  outside a large clay pizza oven .. to the outside of the building overlooking part of the gardens ..vineyard and olive groves .. round metal tables and other sitting areas  among the culinary herb garden …to take in the setting sun .. inside a kitchen with all mod cons stainless steel with the natural stone and whitewashed interior arched doors and windows along both sides … although only 3 to the corner of the inner courtyard & Chef that love love love’s food  & creating masterpieces of delight .. pure taste sensations … morsels that dance across the tongue .. writing poetry as it travels through the senses ❤

On the other side of the kitchen a separate area .. a very large space with arched window/ doors down both sides … again natural stone and white washed interior … large crystal all around to aid in the balance and healing chi light during Heart Cloud seminars ..  meditation .. free style punk yoga .. and workshops of all kinds by many beautiful souls & also with the possibility of spiritual ceremonies, blessings and so on


@ the other side of the courtyard .. is is  similar but 2 separate  yet connected large rooms  for smaller more intimate venues .. and / or to have Chi Kung.. yoga  & meditation in another and so on at the same time JOY coaching with freestyle yoga … so many possibilities for the LOVE & JOY to FLOW 🙂

… these rooms also natural stone .. white washed …with one gold / silver and purple  the other gold/ silver and pink  touches with big crystal Buddha’s and blessed beautiful goddesses …. all that reminds me of the TRUE Christ energy .. from many religions & cultures…. a space for ALL to BE ONE.

another one of those daily signs ... felt like a neon sign a HELLO  .. while making a fire in the grate :) <3
another one of those daily signs … felt like a neon sign a HELLO .. while making a fire in the grate 🙂 ❤


the 4th section .. has several generous healing rooms in towards the courtyard .. for private sessions  treatments and consultations  ..

Possibly 7 with each coloured highlights for each of the main chakras with large crystal to enhance the energies …. all energy accounted and catered for 🙂

To the side of these … and the whole length of the one section is our home … large light and mostly open plan …letting the LIGHT in .. & freeing the space …

A little part of .. just our own space in this heaven we share .. with friend and guests  and making more friends … honourable GENUINE beautiful people .. ready for many miracles of those too in my life … always room for beautiful people 🙂

LOVESo …. Oh yip … I have more ..  😉

Upstairs … out from the top of the stairs over the reception hallway .. an open large landing with sitting areas and shelves and shelves of books …. with windows on both sides the windows  in to the central courtyard large as doors with access to an open balcony running all the way around with a few chair here and there and spiral staircases lading down to the courtyard in all 4 corners ..

inside  towards the courtyard a long hallway all the way around with window /doors among the windows to access the balcony … and off this light whitewashed and natural stone hallway … many large bedrooms .. possibly 22

in all something magically beautiful .. healing and Love filled and a little WOW … left to the imagination ..  cause we b=have to nurture that too 🙂

A little clue ….  an Amethyst bathtub ….

Or a white quarts one .. to soak in the love in


or maybe Rose quarts   🙂


OR … another magical crystal blessing  .. to inspire … feel … and enhance the healing

What we offer in this Beautiful Heaven … a space for the SOUL to Breathe ❤


This is my dream ❤

Will you come stay when I get it wonderful’s ? share the MIRACLE ❤  .. I hope so

Wishing you Abundant Blessings one & ALL



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