Love … Life .. &  ..What the words … everything is Energy .. means to me  .. is basically that COEXIST .. chose PEACE .. Just LOVE its so easy .. Its just a hearts choice of who & what you chose to BE… now I’ve had more hassle for that one little comment .. than I would even have thought possible.

456x c film  coexist peace warning high risk of peace

… from an early age I was fascinated with any knowledge that i could obtain  … but mostly anything that brought a few facts and understanding  to my differences .. to everything that I usually just needed to keep to myself because it was always put down … misunderstood .. The hardest one  .. that LOVE & TRUTH had to be as One .. was the one thing that has broken my heart more than anything else.. or the full on war against it almost broke my spirit on many occasions .. & that what I knew to be TRUTH was mostly always labelled a lie  …

Now of cause ..and for quite some years …its all made sense … but as a kid .. I had no way of understanding or comprehending those I grew up around …for the simple fact that they lived by the rule .. that no one ever told the truth, there was no such thing as “Just the TRUTH” … and that whatever was said was simply coloured by whatever someone wanted … all drama and manipulation for energy of cause.

The mess of which simply never matched that which I TRUSTED more than any human  .. including parents … The TRUTH of the Angels & Guardians … of LIGHT BEings  The Guardians they were & are from backgrounds in one or more lives within all the different main religions … all coming together in Universal law ..of all that is .. once back in LIGHT bodies and back to full consciousness … The consciousness that teaches LOVE above all else … teaches Creations Beautiful magical Growth … through Cause & Effect

If you want to find the secrets to the universe .. think in the terms of .. Energy … Frequency & Vibration

Nicola Tesla

I always found Tesla eye opening & inspiring … & what a different world we would be living in if his way of FREE Energy .. free electricity for all .. would have been allowed to flourish like it was supposed to …

Science is is thankfully catching up on many fronts these days … One of these  Dr Masaru Emoto & his life long study of Water & frozen water crystals I view with deep gratitude  … to me it was like someone put pictures … Natures Own pictures to part of the core of what I was trying to explain .. about the simplicity of LIFE … of LOVE… of connection to everything in Creation.

water crystal dr emoto 1

Water the most beautiful magical CREATIVE substance …

It reflects our words .. our intention … our thoughts perfectly

WE are 70 to 90 % WATER … every single one of those molecules …Vibrate to the FEELING of our thoughts ..the words. Our believes … outward .. and all our inward beliefs .. about ourselves .. We store in our water .. well our bodies store emotions .. feelings … hurts … pain …  which does not make us feel so good  … As well as Love .. encouragements …

water crystals dr emoto 2

JOY & all the Good stuff 🙂 . The beauty & the feeling GREAT

Now this certainly puts perspective on our use of our use of our FREE WILL wouldn’t you say ?

& how we choose to use our CHOICES  ..

This is what complete Personal Responsibility IS  … or the easiest way to explain it for me anyway .. what we chose as a frequency (LOVE or fear @ out cores) .. & to which tune we chose to vibrate  (who & what we are)

Let me strike out the word karma while I’m at it .. its not a word I like .. but I keep trying to use .. cause of the mainstream connection to it these days I guess … but it neither feels right .. nor fits in the way I really see things  …. so let me just throw it out once and for all … & just use Cause N Effect … cause that all it is really .. in a an ebb & flow like the tides of the oceans … a natural rhythm … a flow of Life & emotions like water .. either in LOVING … Compassionate ways .. for self & all .. or with fear based lack in some way attached .. slowing down the vibrations to the not so good feelings …

There is only LOVE or fear .. all our emotions from Love & compassion .. to anger and hatred fall into those …

Dr. Emoto water crystals
Dr. Emoto water crystals

So ALL our choices are immensely important for our well being … cause all the water in us .. goes straight to work … following the orders YOU GIVE thorough your Thoughts & feelings


Dr. Emoto water crystals
Dr. Emoto water crystals

In the simplest terms we are either polluting your own and others peoples waters …  or we are keeping them nice & clear  … If its the latter no matter what comes at you … you can easily clear and cleanse it … keeping your own vibrations to HEALTH .. WEALTH & JOY  ….

Clearing ourselves from thought … word and emotional pollution .. when we have pictures like these … becomes  somewhat easier …. or I feel anyway … it takes the choice from a airy fairy .. just have to believe it so … and the whole normal cant possibly be that easy … as well as the sadly very normal  …”I can’t possibly do that” … to hard kinda thing  …  to changing your thoughts .. feelings and actions in words about yourself by just simply using Dr Emotos pictures of water … the ones that appeal the most to you always work best …


Its all in how we chose to hold & use our Free Will

This to me takes the dreaded words for most “Complete personal responsibility” & turns them into nothing less than Complete FREEDOM … this kind of responsibility is only total Freedom nothing else … how awesome in that.

If anything it is a bit like …  symmetry & balance … the Cause & Effect of life’s flow.

we either flow like nature intended with this beautiful planet which sustains us & get more in touch with our SOUL selves  … Its an amazing feeling & awareness this being completely present in oneself  .. with the knowing of how much more everyone is that most will not even allow themselves to comprehend … All the masters knew this Christ, Buddha, Mohammed etc.  ..

This symmetry & balance …when we find it …  has a good feel to it … comfortable nurturing & loving symmetry & rounded balance ..flowing kinda .. gives a sort of stillness and peace in the heart .. involves allowing & compassion for oneself & for all  .. or we do not flow … to me that’s the drama and manipulation for energy repeating the lessons .. not learning from our own mistakes … but just repeating the suffering .. Not so good … but using our past to see clearly … and choosing differently  … WOW that changes everything.

Lets take relationships .. put simply … if your preference has been lemon jelly .. but it always falls flat .. or makes for pain in one way or another in your life .. it clearly does not work for you .. but you keep choosing it .. WHY cause … its not going to miraculously transform into the most delicious ice cream  … really honestly will not.

So if it is that you keep choosing lemon jelly in what ever disguise it adorns … the lessons of Cause & Effect will be yours to repeat  … ouchy ..bumpy … & with all the trimmings of sad n sorry  they might have ..

You want ICE Cream … you have to choose something you have not done before .. take different choices … those that feel good to your heart & soul … those choices that NURTURE .. that brings a most beautiful balance of all our wondrous quirks & just me’s into an inner place of VALUE

as Gandhi said BE the CHANGE

This is the same for all aspects of our lives … it all either gives to us … lightens us … helps us to feel good … or it takes from us … feels heavy  …

& the choices are ours.


How we treat ourselves … as well as how we treat others … effect us … if badly .. it will be until we decide to make NEW & different choices .. ones that feel good to us.

water crystals emoto 3

We can take the same water like here … or words  & even thoughts  & how we deliver them to our selves or others makes all the difference

So the importance of how we let our Water Vibrate .. how we let ourselves vibrate … what Frequency we choose .. to BE

is the pivotal point in every choice we make ..

Love is my Religion 🙂

Choose LOVE & even the littlest things give you JOY …

Wishing you all Magical LOVE filled & JOYous  days ❤



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