Water ..is the most beautiful magical CREATIVE substance …

It reflects our words .. our intention … our though perfectly

WE are 70 to 90 % WATER … every single one of those molecules …Vibrate to the FEELING of our thoughts ..the words … ALL that we hold about ourselves … all that we allow in …

This certainly puts perspective on our use of our FREE WILL & our CHOICES wouldn’t you say ? ..

This is what complete Personal Responsibility IS .. what we chose as a frequency .. to which tune we chose to vibrate  …

Dr Emoto’s water Crystal photography this is the simplest way I know how to show it .. & simplify the whole karma thing really.

Dr. Emoto water crystals
Dr. Emoto water crystals

There is only LOVE or fear .. all our emotions from Love & compassion .. to anger and hatred fall into those …

So ALL our choices are immensely important for our well being … cause all the water in us .. goes straight to work … following the orders YOU GIVE thorough your Thoughts & feelings

Dr. Emoto water crystals
Dr. Emoto water crystals

Now following on from the first post in  the series of 101 Heart Mate relationships ..   as promised .. with Karma ..  In the simplest terms is either polluting your own and others waters … no matter what ONLY YOU CAN CLEAR this … or not  ..

Its all in how we chose to hold our Free Will & Complete personal responsibility

If anything it is a bit like …  symmetry & balance …

we either flow like nature .. it has a good feel to it … comfortable nurturing & loving symmetry & rounded balance ..flowing kinda .. gives a sort of stillness and peace in the heart .. involves allowing & compassion for oneself & for all  .. or we do not flow …

for example … learning from our own mistakes … not repeating the suffering  .. but using our past to see clearly … and choosing differently  …

picture credit ..unknown
picture credit ..unknown


Put simply … if your preference has been lemon jelly .. but it always falls flat .. or makes for pain in one way or another in your life .. it clearly does not work for you .. but you keep choosing it .. well … its not going to miraculously transform into the most delicious ice cream  … so if you keep choosing lemon jelly in what ever disguise it adorns …  karmic lessons will be yours to repeat  … ouchy ..bumpy … & with all the trimmings of sad n sorry  ..

This is the same for all aspects of our lives … it all either gives to us … lightens us … feels good … or it takes … feels heavy  … the choices are ours.

How we treat ourselves … as well as how we treat others … effect us … if badly .. it will be until we decide to make NEW & different choices .. ones that feel good to us.


The relationship of HEART MATE is something we have to honour & BE towards ourselves & within ourselves too … if its not present on the inside .. how could we possibly hope to recognise it outside of ourselves .. in another ?

So the importance of how we let our Water Vibrate … what Frequency we choose .. to BE is the pivotal point in every choice we make ..

So what is your true hearts choices ?

Are you giving yourself the LOVE you need to flourish ?

How are you using your free will .. to make yourself feel ?

You don’t have to answer these …. but do yourself a favour … Ponder them ..just for you .. when you find an answer that feels good … makes you smile a little … that’s where your FLOW starts … & its not as hidden as you might think 🙂


Always much LOVE ❤ Maia


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