Symmetry … so I tootled of to find some symmetric & just clean lines … being that I got a ways with a heart cloud & a somehow not quite a valentine with the first entry 🙂

Well I couldn’t quite get that the more I looked for man made  symmetrical structures .. the less I seemed to see them …

I tried the local town Bridgnorth … 16th & 17th century black n white buildings .. are somehow symmetrical … although the lines well as the walls are about as straight the road here 😉



Re,remembered that one of the farms of the woods has part of a field scattered with old rusty farm machinery ….. so here is the the shabby chic old farm scraps version  .. there were some interesting shapes…. so I’ll have to revisit one day the sum graces us with a very different light …

Cause that the grey on grey with grey tones … somehow misty without being misty trying to photograph brown rusted metal surrounded by the brown fallen leaves of an English winter  .. meant the black n whit vintage look : was the only way


& more  vintage ploughs .. by a big old huggable Redwood .. not a native to these shores … pretty much all the woodlands around here are part of old estates that were part of the import and cultivation of plants from around the world. 053xx

Now  … symmetry & balance … like nature .. golden spiral .. just as is .. it has a good feel to it … To me that’s always like real symmetry & rounded balance ..flowing kinda .. gives a sort of stillness and peace in the heart

old plough by Redwood
old plough by Redwood’s “norm” for symmetry n balance .. straight lines … squares .. blocks in rows ….. although I do see the beauty in that too  .. I find most art and architecture  aesthetically pleasing … each in its own way … but although It looks to the eye in perfect  balanced ..  to me … even with scaled perfection ..equalled on both or all sides .. it never feels balanced .. but that’s just me I guess 🙂



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