Choosing LOVE   … & creating the symmetry of Hearts in motion  … taking Life’s journey Present to Present … every moment being as Magical & Wondrous … or as bleak we chose to give our attention to.

Magnificent & most beautiful Heart clouds are in my every day  … well in  our everyday …

This beauty we use for our website Andreas & I  ..  what we do is is kinda help people find their own inner symmetry ..

There is a few things that put energetic hiccups in my way so to speak ….   & Valentines day one of them …

As a sensitive .. feeling to much .. and being aware that I have to filter my emotions .. feelings & thoughts all the time … as every single on of us wander round in our very own vibrational energy cloud …or bubble if you will …..  the electricity / energy of each persons energy field vibrates to the thoughts and feelings they hold .. & your near someone else and your energies intermingle .. its how we feel the instant like dislike thing.. gut feelings … Its all about honouring the awareness & Trusting the Heart.

Well having forgotten that it was valentines  .. I had to venture out there today & get some shopping  .. I remembered half way to the fricking shops 🙂 HA  …

Now you would have thought valentines was lovie  dovie ..with sweetie pie energies  & a lot of lalala  … Cupid n all .. you know ..

NOPE … most people wander around in darkening clouds on valentines … the feelings I get from the overload of the similar thoughts spinning around out there ….. is fat .. ugly … horrid … not good enough … mixed with a mad wanting to be something different … look different … most .. & not just the women .. but men too ..have this Less than … thing going on .. thanks to society demands on unobtainable perfection  .. of media’s airbrushed nonsense  …

Simply put Barbie has made  … fake beautiful  … which has turned the normally beautiful gorgeous & amazing men & women .. to feeling .. not good enough & wrong  .. yuck about themselves .. & the energy of that is what valentines is to me … Heavy … dirty .. gritty …sad …  & all the rest

So came back in earlier .. after rebalancing in me .. & shaking off all the S***

first thing I see when I come on-line is .. a description of depression  … as an upside down umbrella collecting toxic thoughts…   that made a dark heavy cloud to drag around ..

Now that .. if I did not know how to protect and shield my energy .. while staying wide open for all the love of creations wonder  … would be exactly how I would feel all the time … .. That describes pretty much exactly what I feel from most people on days like today ….

Something to ponder for those that might feel the blues as such…

What if the umbrella is just upside down … collecting toxic thoughts  …. that isn’t really your thoughts ? .. but they ( the thoughts) kinda settle in like the chicks under a chicken ?

That’s in a nutshell what most folks do … brew on thoughts and feelings that are not even their own .. like broody hen .. tuck em all up n keep em warm kinda thing .. its not even noticed if its really own thoughts or from outside .. or even learnt behaviours .. from all the manipulations that taught less than ..

Cause everything is energy .. all people have clouds around them light ones or dark ones .. varying shades or sometimes both ..  that are their thoughts feelings  .. well everything … every energy that emanates from them  .. well they can photograph it these days 🙂 Kirlian photography the first .. but science is catching up to all sorts these days 😉 so there is loads of info out there .. (& I will be writing much more about it too .. )

Think about it … you might find you surprise yourself when you see the real symmetry of what is just you .. the trick is to separate out all the learnt debris & junk ..  other peoples opinions .. ways .. energy … etc & just really BE present with what is our own … So many things are surprisingly easy to fix that way .. when the load is .. oh so much lighter ..


I just wish that for everyone ❤ It’s an amazing feeling

another one of those daily signs ... felt like a neon sign a HELLO  .. while making a fire in the grate :) <3
another one of those daily signs … felt like a neon sign a HELLO .. while making a fire in the grate 🙂

BE Happy ❤ Namaste



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