So I said I would write on the whole soul mate / Twin flame relationship thing … first to clarify … soul mate relationships can be and are all from lovers ..friends … sisters .. brothers .. even with pets  .. the connection is a deep and strong one .. a recognition on meeting .. can be Karmic* .. but always brings growth & expansion

101 Heart Mate relationship … an ongoing feature … its Tuesday … so maybe Relationship Tuesdays 🙂 .. or what do you all think ?


Prelude by Josephine Wall
Prelude by Josephine Wall

Firstly its not possible to have a whole and healthy relationship without both people in it choosing to be completely present … in total Truth .. while dancing with LOVE.

All & any versions less than that is only connected in one or more ways in the human drama ..created by distrust and old hurts … and gives no choice but be a repeat lesson .. if those old lessons have not been learnt … and NEW better choices made.

Photo : Tendresse  By Michael Pilon
Photo : Tendresse By Michael Pilon

For the REAL THING … it means you HAVE to step out of the loop .. or you’ll just simply get more of the same as you had before.

2 people have to chose to be physically .. emotionally … mentally & spiritually on the same page ..while creating together … that’s the core choice

Staying in that space of mutual creation .. that’s a choice … & can only truly flow in a HEART MATE kinda way even through tough stretches … when the communication is 100% HONEST

Stairway of Dreams by Josephine Wall
Stairway of Dreams by Josephine Wall

There has to be TRUST … no trust love .. simply put REAL LOVE can not live where it is not free to truly be & expand all ways ..


& you have to LIVE your own wishes .. YOU have to BE that TRUSTWORTHY yourself

.. always remember that you can not expect to keep anything .. or grow into anything that you are not willing to first give.

Its a CHOICE …..

everything is CHOICE … from the simplest .. like will I have tea or coffee first thing in the morning .. to … well to just everything …

Adam & Eve by Tamara de Lempicka
Adam & Eve by Tamara de Lempicka

That’s all we can do you know …. chose for our own highest good … what feels right … what flows .. just for us … just self  …

& 2 selves have to make the choice  each on their own flow in creation together …

Nothing flows when there is pain or resentment or any other non harmonious emotion .. in any way in anything .. if that makes sense

what I’m saying is everything is choice … for all of us .. all the time .. with no exceptions

by Laura Blank
by Laura Blank

If you want an EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE with and in your relationship …

You have to GIVE ..what you wish to RECEIVE …

& you have to give time for an immense depth of healing for both parties at the start of such a relationship  .. cause really … the old hurts of the human drama ..have to be embraced .. released .. truly let go … so the foundations of the NEW are built on total TRUTH & solid rock so to speak

Its ALL in the communication ;)
Its ALL in the communication 😉

* Karma .. next post  on the 101 Heart Mates regular feature .. but its not the whole big weight most think it is 🙂

for now though …

Wishing you all Magical days ❤



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