The new baggies from our local health food store came with a dire warning today

 All I can say is ..YES PLEASE .. I’ll take that with a guarantee 😉


Not sure what the girl n the shop thought .. but she has a look that said .. Oh my g ..  a dancer 😉 LOL

I almost danced out the door just to set a few grey cells a spinning  😉

with my Chocolate bagged .. the silver screen is netted


Wishing you ALL Magical Silvery Screen days ❤




3 thoughts on “Chocolate with dire warnings of dancing in the street

    1. 😉 & Thank you … it is one of my favourites really .. not just real Chocolate oo yes please . . but the movie too… one of those little pleasures that never gets old LOL .. I’ve even been to an art cinema where the showing of Chocolate.. came with chocolate topped cupcakes .. yummy ones too 😉 .. & I’m not sure if that’s really sad 😉 … or just cute 🙂


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