OH my fricking Gggggggg ooooo   ……… I’m a BRAND 😉 YIKES n there I was thinking I was just ME … well I’ve been chewing on that one for the weekend .. and it went something like this ..

me .. Bawhahahahahahhahahahahahaha …

then .. rereading the words that sparked up the Ha’s in the first place still with a lot of smiles and a few Ha’s .. but the thoughts went deeper ..and deeper ..


a few coffees … a huge amount of head shaking .. as well as a fair few chuckles later  .. it hit me ..that OH MY Fricking Nora that was … really .. actually what a brand was .. what it Is …. ALL it IS  ….. sticking out a bit .. well a lot …

not staying modestly in the shade while others use the beautiful healing that happens around me to promote themselves  … nor hiding behind humour to hide the hurt of it … which have been my way through life ..always gentle and always forgiving .. there ha been a lot of forgiving .. but I have already written some about that …

Although I have not written / or blogged about the depth of healing that takes place when you meet and embark on that HEART mate relationship .. or soul mate /Twin flame is mentioned a lot … although the misconceptions of the latter have been grating at me for years .. and it is something  I am writing a lot about .. only haven’t shared much as yet … but its coming


So one of my goals will be to make a regular feature out of this .. not sure about weekly or monthly as yet … as I have a fair few topics to feature .. most not remotely as fluffy 😉 .. although fluffy .. in so far as that would be most peoples preconception … I prefer cutting through the crap and silliness ..to the core . simplify .. and start with in any relationship you only get what you are willing to give .. you want honesty .. you have to give it … 100% .. and NO hiding … anything … choose to let go of all drama .. and be free its a big topic but a hell of a lot simpler than you’d think with all the waffle going on out there about it

Its very much part of much coaching that we do Andreas & I for those that need that at least  & for couples of cause @ Heart Cloud  as well as much else …but Mostly ..  we call it all Freestyle “Punk” Yoga Coaching these days helping others pave their unique paths to and in JOY


& Goal 2 ..

Sharing more about Freestyle Punk Yoga   … sharing more core structures of Freestyle “Punk” yoga  … self help being the first help to our standing in our own power . …  & Choosing .. the LIVING … &  BEing .. the JOY of ALL that is .. in everything that we do …and in all that we are …  helping others really see that core in themselves ..is rather awesome  ..

but also & I guess that’s 3

… for us .. just being us Andreas & I … and friends n all You know just LIFE … it can be real interesting .. cause through life we have both found that anyone who isn’t honest with themselves especially … have issues with someone who they believe  know more about them then they want to know about themselves 😉

& yes its weird to know to much … see ..feel … “to much” but it can also be really funny & I have a lot of that to share  .. more importantly I laugh more at and with myself than anything  … LIFE when you really look at it … ITS FUNNY  the good the GREAT n the not so wonderful .. with the right light and angle of view however … It can be hilarious the learning curves of life’s magical roller coaster

Now I should say here arseholes … my general term for all Negative entities & those who spew hatred ..anger and resentment … these Arses might laugh but as Andreas so beautifully puts it … if they knew what we see around and about them … they would so not be laughing  …

which lets me touch upon a topic .. that has been messed up in fear for most .. dark and heavy energy ….most of what is know as vampiric   and demonic .. is really just the force created by human anger and hatred .. fear creating more fear in others to get energy … everyone has felt it to a greater or lesser intent .. being totally drained ..or just very tired from some others  … Lower vibrating entities … ghosties n the like are drawn to such people  … and this can create some major havoc …  mostly for those they dump on .. but eventually also for themselves  ..

so that’s 4 …. Energy 101 – Self defence  .. it was one of the main reasons I started to blog  … cause of all the fear and nonsense around it all  … everything … just everything is so much simpler than most people think

& I feel its time that gets out there

So 2 … 3  & 4 …  I also want to make regular features … weekly .. monthly … I’m chewing it over 🙂

Wrapping my head n Heart around that there are a few aspects to ME the brand … even though I am just ME  … but I am my knowledge … My skills … basically I guess ..  I am what I do ..


the mad selfies ..always come after a walk in the woods .. go figure & the Rainbow light always gets me at the windswept moments with bits of greenery stuck in my hair n such …but I guess that sums it up .. I AM just ME …. this one from Imbolc .. the Celtic day of SPRING .. 2 February 2015

Which makes ME .. my Brand …. YIKES & holy mother of ………. just doesn’t come close …

to my thought about Me & Brand in the same sentence  … although maybe Russell Brand could interview me … I LOVE the way his comedian self gets to the core of some un-talked about issues in the Trews & else where …puts spiritual twists & just plain TRUTH on all issues … some of which very close to my heart .. & I can rant like that too … (well you might have noticed by now if you have been reading some of my stuff ) LOL .. but really …  how cool would that be .. ooo I know that wee fantasy is taking me off topic 😉

Which brings me to 5 ….. Case studies & repeat clients  …  their stories  .. The HEALING .. I’ve seen some and been part of some amazing & most Beautiful things .. from the extremes of .. healing from a diagnosis of terminal cancer to a LIFE with no dis in the EASE  at all … & so much more

way to much to share here but all to come also in a regular feature  … again I have the week /month thing in my head  & again I ??? ..cause I’m putting myself up for a huge amount of writing here .. so I have to fit it all in somehow 🙂

& in writing about this  … I have also to own completely … that I’m extremely good at what I do .. I don’t know of anyone else who have had clients emigrate to New Zealand  … and when all else failed after putting their back out again .. out there  ..coming all the way back .. half way across the world for treatments with me in the UK .. basically because they knew it would work .. and  as this beautiful soul put it ..it would be more than worth it .. & totally was

I’ve had a lot of very HAPPY & totally enthusiastic clients over the last 20 years  …

I tend to forget that stuff about me … cause I’m just me ..  but I guess you could say that this blog is about me learning to wear the BRAND of ALL that I AM .. and wearing it high & being proud of it too .. the time of hiding behind bushels is done  .. & stepping out of the closet time it is

well this healing that’s always been in me … running through me & developing MAA Touch & connecting it to all that is Heart Cloud Consultants & Coaching too ..  with Andreas  … & still BEing just me .. working with the Angels Love and Light  … its been quite a journey so far … while also being a journey that’s just beginning ..

This Blog I guess is about sharing all of that .. past & PRESENT .. good job I’m a writer too hey 😉 .. and also what its like starting again with absolutely nothing …but my skills  and a deep an solid connection to source … and the darker side of being bullied to the point of loosing your business for a second time .. by supposed “family” … the lengths people will go to ..to gain energy when you are no longer leaking it from the wounds they inflict .. and the strength of power to stay calm n that storm.

FREE falling in Total TRUST so to speak

which reminds me I really do need to shed the visual in my noggin ..  of the branding irons in the fire … for this thing to truly flow .. this me being a brand thing …

you know like from those old movies &/ or  history  .. the cattle drives .. and branding fires  .. (which thankfully around here these days they get the punk version in multi coloured spray paint on their behinds  🙂  )  … and from the horror of all horrors the slave trade .. and the marking of another human as lowly as property

I guess that is the me having read to much … and seen so many possibilities of humanity learning form the past … not repeating the drama .. the pain and suffering .. but choosing LOVE … sharing & caring

Remnants of which will stay ..cause I know i won’t be able to stop my self when a BEE gets in my bonnet about something I either find horrendous … or just awesome  … now that seems to flow easier than putting butter on toast …

Yip I can just imagine it Russell Brand interviewing me ….  a chat on life .. Talk about putting the world to rights 😉


6 Photography … will definitely at least be a weekly feature ..

simply because it makes my heart and soul sing … and half the time in pictures I can tell all of the above too so there will probably be a whole lot of that n all … & my aim with those will somehow be to say a lot in a very FEW words 😉 .. well I know … worthy as I am LOL …. I can do it 🙂 ..REALLY 😉 … Oh OK .. but I’m sure going to do my best to shorten the word count as much as possible … at least some times 😉

Well I guess that sort of covers why I blog … & goals ..


I am also going to do my very best to make it a daily thing .. this blog writing …  or as close to as I can

Cause as well as this I’m working on my book .. which covers all of the above and then some …. I’m at the editing and a bit of rewriting stage   ….in my kinda funny quirky way .. with no grammar as such .. cause I simply threw that box out the window .. along with the dyslexia ..which now only rears its head when I write in Norwegian .. which is supposedly my first language   .. go figure on life’s quirks

Add to that writing more stories for what has crept up on me as a second book …

The stories nature tells … interviews if you will with trees n fairies ..angels n the like .. to go along with the pictures … of “Natures Watchers”  … with a kinda hint of adult fairy tales if you will  … its proving to be a whole lot of fun … as nature and animals is always speaking to me

you can practically hear him right ;) ... he told me some Magical things  to share with ALL
you can practically hear him right 😉 … he told me some Magical things ❤

I guess I should call the books 7 a … n ….  b hey LOL ..                  on the goals list

Need to give myself a fairly tight schedule for that …


& all of that does not get to the question

If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?

cause running smoothly ..isn’t remotely enough .. that’s not even tickling the starter plate …  Although I did mention the Brand interview … YEAH for cool … & maybe I should add the Dalai Lama .. I could interview him 🙂 ..  cause really I would so like to HUG that wonderful soul again … & so .. so very much more ❤


Yeah ..  well I was mad enough to sign up for blogging 201 branding n growth  … wasn’t I ….. having survived 101 widgets n thingys n wot nots n techno stuff .. of which twitter and getting to grips with …  what the fricking heck I’m doing  .. with that whole wacky scenario of tweeting  … it apparently still gives me the startled rabbit look … but I’m working on it 🙂

8  …. I so have to wrap my head around social media properly … especially Twitter .. & link everything up

but I have also set up Tsu which I have been ignoring since I started blogging 101 … whoops ..  FB ..I’m handling my private page any hows … but have to admit the Heart Cloud page is somewhat neglected of late

I should also mention ..You Tube .. darn I need to be a camera man for this .. I/we have big ideas .. but no clue how to do it .. LOL … then there is   Pinterest Instagram & LinkedIn .. all of which seem to be sitting there like lost children ..willing me to do something with them .. I have accounts …  HA .. I have got that far …. & now I’m staring at this bloglovin thing … and really  I’m no longer wondering why the kids teenies & young adults never look up from their phones …

YIKES …  but I have to say here … That’s not going to be me  …I will never loose the thought that … Answer phones are blessed  and most useful things 😉

Nothing beats NATURE .. & being totally Present in each Moment …

but I will get it all organised and sorted somehow 🙂  … time frame : within the next day or two ..I will have them all linked to my avatar .. and using them properly & hopefully loosing the startled rabbit look by the end of blogging 201

OH & I think I signed up for poetry 201 too  .. YIKES .. so goal 9  I guess .. but I’ll have to be my version of prose ( & with Photos)

but hey … YEAH … they can be short 😉 .. I might just pull off the shorter posts 😉

Wishing you ALL Beautiful Presents ..  of Magical Moments … in every day ❤



4 thoughts on “Coming to terms with branding ..n a few Goals :)

    1. Thank You ❤ deeply touched by your words in a made bonkers good sort of way 🙂 .. I'm finding it interesting how this blogging 101 n 201 is getting me to see more about me too .. Yikes .. 😉


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