Free Association

. . home. .. former punk rocker n activist … met former steam punk mixd up with Angels n Faeries n the like  ..oo to much to describe em both 😉  .. on a high of life  … yip just LIFE… YIKES .. and on a save our planet with LOVE n PEACE from within ..route .. 

073 x never underestimate love

Oh my … guess that’s means always a punk at heat … always questioning everything .. with the views on politics n religious doctrines (the fear based …. LOVE we applaud in a very big big way) oo & drugs .. that is .. if it dona smell right …or feel right …. it ain’t right SO just don’t go there

besides the spin is so ripe in all political arena these days …  that clothes pegs should be handed out as an obligatory essential ..for all noses … so as not to get to deep a lung full of the over ripe BLAAAAAA

take for instance this “war” on …. drugs …. well they set of to warring on and with everything .. not that ever in history that has been beneficial to any one in any way shape or form … except of cause the FINANCIAL winnings of those who sell weapons and armaments .. to BOTH SIDES of any war .. internal or cross borders .. those who arm and even training the supposed “terrorists” before they even call them that … its so obvious through history  …

The other  .. majorly obvious detail to me .. with this whole silly spin thing .. is like HELLO …. there really is no one that actually believes the shiiiiit any more … I mean honestly … do you know anyone who believes a politician ?   .. cause I sure don’t  .. only most just shrug their shoulders and say …oo you know what they are like  …. also all seem to agree upon the fact that politics & wanna be politicians are everywhere these days .. from schools …. trough all bureaucracy the doctors offices  ….

Although the latter one there scares me more than any other ..cause it involves … drugs and the pharmaceutical companies that produce them … just simply OWNING the doc’s … write so many prescriptions of our drugs or loose everything … poisoning people …with their weekly sweetie bag o pills …. Now who wants to write about that  … you look around pretty much 1 in 2 doctors practices here in the UK  are owned by the pharma industry .. from the buildings to the past student loans  … its a bit like a …  lets see how tight we can squeeze your balls ..while taking you for a walk kinda thing … that funny walk has crossed the pond that US doc’s must have experienced for way to many years ..

I read this article in the Huffington post earlier by Johann Hari Author of ‘Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs’ ..  The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think  take note particularly to the Vietnam & Heroin bit … (very old news to those of us that never take mainstream news at face value, and do a whole lot of digging around for facts and there is always scientific research happening somewhere that’s ignored ( ooo another post Yikes 🙂 ) right so …  it will shock most … cause as  with so much these days .. journalists seem more interested in writing about what colour knickers some celebrity is wearing …. than actually dig deep and investigate .. to blow a few home truths wide open

Well … it sure does explain a few things … nuff said


Cancer is the BIGGEST BUSINESS there is  … the more you research into what’s what the more sick in the gut you feel ..the greed .. that kills people .. (oo too much on this topic so yet another post ..  )

& ADHD & all the new “LABELS” … that takes the only healthy kid and labels them sick .. because they are not numb enough to sit still for 6 to 8 hours a day.. what the heck happened to go out and PLAY …. climb trees .. run cycle hop .. get exhausted then come in for dinner ???? I’m just saying  ….

Andreas worked with kids labelled unteachable … no concentration ADHD etc … helped the kids but the bureau-crazy  couldn’t deal with it working …


Could not accept .. the simplicity of simply looking and listening …. Really seeing what they needed … and teaching them .. in a way that flowed … and showing them how to learn so teaching themselves became a doddle  … some things … as easy as walk/ MOVE and read … or any variation there off … and what would “normally” take a whole school day even more  .. some of these kids could get through and much much more in a fraction of that ….

Put simply they are to SMART & FAST for the school system  … The Crazy dinosaurs bureaus ..are simply NOT working and haven’t for way to long a time.

The brick in the wall is over …. set them kids FREE and watch in amazement a new beautiful sharing world unfold ..cause that’s what they are here to do … CHANGE THINGS

As the energy of our planet is changing … speeding up … WE ALL HAVE TO BALANCE TO THE UPSWING … and that can be real hard I know …. it can take some major bodily aches n pain to get through to the vibrational alignments to the FEEL GREAT stage we all hold the Blueprint off … but WE ALL have what it takes …

BUT  … HELLO … RED ALERT to speak ….then there is Poisoning the healthy ..youngsters … so they are as dull and numb as the rest  … (really dinosaur crazy has to stop .. the GREED involved in systematic poisoning of humans .. planet ..all life … is  F*** hmmm & fill in all the rude words you like ..

All any kid need is to RUN … to DANCE .. to MOVE ..and when they do with the right aid ..they can fly through school and college too … become the innovators that build our NEW  …There are so many out there … a new generation not all labelled thankfully … 🙂 with ideas … and ways to make them real ..far beyond what we have seen so far

PLEASE let them FLY …

I mean have a look at this amazing kid  … not just allowed to fly but encouraged  … sorry Young Man  HOW IS THIS for making a MAGICAL NEW WORLD in LOVE & Sharing   …

Easton LaChappelle is one  AWESOME Young Man

he saw that an average prosthetic arm costs $60,000. This young chappie has created a 3D prosthetic for $350 … is controlled & work on brainwaves / thought patterns … He’s AWESOME … & not just that .. he’s made it OPENSOURCE so released all his patterns for free …bring out the tissues cause the LOVE in it brings tears of joy to my eyes …  to share with ALL to share and create … enhance … here is a FB link to a video he shared …( its as close to its source as I can get it 🙂

Now that’s a sprout that’s fallen in mighty nourishing  SOIL ….. wouldn’t you say 😉


Some of us …we FEEL the Rain  ….

Its time to let they youngsters FEEL & FLOW .. CREATE & BE ALL that they can BE


the bureau- crazy just get wet .. it really is a most sick and extremely obsolete system  … so much needs to change

. . rain. 🙂 

. . . soil… well I got em’ in 😉 LOL  HOME… SOIL & RAIN  … but OK I know so here is some real soil … a magical beautiful  rose garden of magical delight   .. from David Austin Roses at full bloom in peak season … we live quite close so pop on in quite often …. its a scent sensation all through the summer is a most pleasurable addiction 🙂  … HIGH on ROSE .. now that’s a good’n

We drove by and popped in Mid November last year & this is what we found then

rose garden 5 nov x

still a delight for the olfactory system with scents galore

5 th Nov 14 david austen roses X


LOVE evolving

Wishing you ALL Magical days ❤



7 thoughts on “Free Association … expanding into .. rose garden magic

  1. Wow, I think you get it! You covered a lot of ground here but you hit the nail on every head. We know what the right and wrong thing is to do – as the people who have to live on this world, and people do get out and fight for these rights to live, but it is the people with greed in their heart who have the final say in everything. If something doesn’t benefit them then they make sure it isn’t happening. Unfortunately the ruination of the world is at stake and I think it may be to late to turn back and undo the damage that has been done. It makes me feel for the legs of my family growing out from me. Already my oldest grandchild is 17. Keep on writing. you have an interesting style, and keep trying to spread the word.

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    1. Thank you for your words about my writing they mean a lot ❤ Things are changing .. honestly they are … everything is Energy ..and the vibration of our planet is accelerating /heightening ..

      physically this can most easily be seen in the approach data for airports …the incoming calibrations of hight speed etc …. back in 1987 or so they only needed to update this information every 3-4 years by 2007 it was every 3 months … now its almost daily I believe but I have not been able to verify ..up until a few years ago you could go to the library and compare them maps for any airport .. and see for yourself kinda 🙂 ..I think the changes are to fast by the time they have published a map its old and no good .. from what I've understood out government's have decided that this information is to scary for us … we all know the poles are changing … magnetic north south etc … everything is shifting … its a natural thing the earth is alive and has done this all before ..

      what I find appalling is instead of being honest and allowing people to balance themselves naturally to this beautiful planet of ours .. so naturally raising their vibrations too … feeling good joy LOVE etc ❤ … the greed .. uses fear to manipulate and control in all ways chemicals in including chemically produced medicines .. lower the vibrations in a body … the cancer drugs are the worst … there is realms of scientific evidence that the drugs kill far far more than the cancer .. only they are not counted most die of radiation poisoning 10 to 15 years after … but its not called that of cause

      for the last 80 years doctors … with good reputations and clinics have stood up and proved cures .. yet these doctors are ruined ..destroyed … or simply killed … instilling a fear to not stand up … not be truthful just do as they are told by the pharma industry which owns pretty much everything .. well .. war .. pharma … everything that's killing our world can be traced back to a handful of powerful families .. who's karma is non refundable

      the thing is this greed . fear .. vibrates at lower rates than our earth now … and there are enough of us out there /here to keep the vibrations climbing to LOVE for all .. each and every one of us counts more than you can ever know … just keeping our own energy in LOVE and sharing to those around us .. spreads that … and there are really more beautiful people out there than greedy arses .. so its all changing ❤

      the dinosaurs will one by one implode … I've seen it on a personal level … but I already wroth a fair bit about that .. oo darn this is like another ficking post here LOL … ooo easy to see the topics are raised in my book hey 😉 HA ..

      & also easy to see that I'm not so good at trivialities hey 🙂

      As for your grandson … its all about him finding his flow … his passion … and his potential with unfold and bloom … the youngsters are more finely tuned to so much … its why so many are depressed and low … they see the fake and fear in so much so much easier than the adults who have chosen not to .. makes them sad to see and feel their parents and elders .. trapped … is what I have heard the most … and that society ants them as trapped …. … only cause they see the lies more clearly .. things are changing …there are so many young inventors out there ..allowed to flow 🙂 and a 16 year old Muslim girl won a Nobel award 🙂 for speaking up for change and allowing education for many … ❤ ❤ ❤ ..we can all help by encouraging and BEing LOVE as much as we can … its more than possible … its just choice ❤ .. and for the hard days … a wee dust off is necessary .. before choosing JOY & LOVE again ❤

      best advice I can give you ..if you is never believe the news …. use the internet and research …. the real truth .. either the tiny part in the news that's real ..or the opposite .. you will find is the actual non manipulated … non dizzy from spin stuff its most soothing for the heart …. to see that all greed is head based ..the arses are disconnected from their hearts

      okie ❤ … Wishing YOU A WONDERFUL DAY ❤

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      1. I, too have written many replies that should have been posts! I understand what you are saying and I will definitely be back. I look for blogs that actually “have” something to say instead of just printing something that doesn’t matter to anyone and they use their blogs more like a diary – and that is ok. There is a nitch for that, and most of their replies are less than five words long and say something like, “great blog”. I saw a post the other day that had 36 replies and I said, wow, because it was a brand spanking new blog. But it was 36 back and forth relies that said “great blog?”, ” ‘thank you”, ” Do you want to read my blog?” “yes, I will”,
        ‘Okay, I read it”. ” What did you think?”. ” I thought it was great” – back and forth 36 times without saying one thing that meant anything, except that now she thought it looked like she had written a popular post! lol

        I don’t own a TV. Not for decades. Commercials drive me insane. My husband and I DL what our interests are and only watch those things. We have both been very cognizant of the political landscape. I understand what you are explaining. Watching us implode with the help of ignorant people who only watch Fox news is depressing because all they repeat is what they are fed, and when repeated enough become truth.

        Also, my life philosophy is Nichiren Buddhism, which is not zen or Shinto or Tibetan. Buddhism was just as susceptible to corruption as any other philosophy. People don’t understand the interconnections of life and how karma – cause and effect dictates how their life goes – not a puppet master in the sky with a plan for you. But people are so inundated with their culture that they can’t bring themselves to believe in anything other than what that culture tells them the truth is, no matter how much lack of sense it makes – mostly out of fear of what this father figure “up there” will do to them if they don’t continue to adore him, because he can go from loving you to punishing you in a heart beat. When politicians play on this fear of what God will do to you if you don’t follow their political leanings then you are going to hell. But hell isn’t somewhere you go – it’s someplace you can be in right now, if your life condition is so low that it allows you to hate people who don’t think like you. People don’t want to find out what they believed in all their life has absolutely no power to do anything to you – it is the effects of the causes you make that is the “plan” that you made all by yourself.

        When I ask people “why” they believe what they do – be it any relgion or philosophy, what it boils down to is – it is the way they were raised, and since they can’t connect the dots then “God works in mysterious ways”.

        I will be back to read more. Until then…stay warm.

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      2. One more thing – as you pointed out. The universe runs on a rhythm. It is basically 6/8 time if you know music, but that rhythm’s speed does not stay constant. It is ever changing,

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      3. No tv here either 🙂 Your music sounds wondrous .. I tried to have a look though could not get through the links on your about you widget … couldn’t get through to your website for your grandson etc .. it said it was restricted & I had no permission to go there … thought you should know … being asked where the movie is here LOL ..:)

        Wishing you a Magical day ❤


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