Visiting moments in time for 101 found this : Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers—Hmmm, Think Again .. so decided to try the “scary” PRESS this button ;) LOL

On my tour today of visiting … moments in time for the 101 task of confidence and commenting  … I must say I pondered the wisdom of letting myself loose on the masses ..humour ..cheek n all in the making the world a better place & BE the change wake up  … that normally rattles and expands in the old noggin

Add that too … BELIEVING in MIRACLES .cause I’ve seen ooo so many .. & seeing n chatting to Faeries n things …. that’s like  😉  .. well why don’t you tell me 🙂


So I also decided to try my hand at this PRESS button thingy … that has had me foxed since my very first post … while testing & playing with it has …. been the cause of umpteen empty posts … or more directly … misdirected me to thinking they were empty posts and that all my words had been eaten 😉 ..swallowed so deep in the belly of the beast .. I would never see them again 😉 HA cheeky thing 😉

Why try it .. well I found this … Excellent article … most useful & I will be rereading it too later .. all bout how important it is to set a platform for your written work … book …writings …  I’m like green as on this topic ….. I gotta say though … It’s the navigating the vast seas of social media with next to no techy  know how  .. that makes it all feel a bit like the bogeyman under the bed …

Having stayed away from computers n such most of my life .. mostly cause the healing in my hands .. blew stereo systems up … fried the circuits .. like fricking toast   … so daring to touch a PC .. was a bit like are you SERIOUS how much are one of those things  … so ..I’m finding myself in the mid 40’s .. getting to grips with it all … thinking the PC does so much on its own …. it’ll take me through this too  …. BAWhahahahaha & HA

Although I will add the inner child is a most useful ally in getting to grips with it all  .. making it all FUN  … here is the article

Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers—Hmmm, Think Again.

found it @knowleselle and I probably didn’t do that @thing right 🙂 …so if not hereis a link to Elle she has a great blog 🙂



So let my inner child & me get to these … moments in time  ..


@bluejblue I found snow forts & inner child play .. Had to thank her for sharing … She had me smiling from ear to ear and remembering snow fort .. and a fair few snowballs to go with them .. you know just encase some more giggles were to be had .. me I’ve recently been trampoline’ing (wrote about it here) on a big old fallen beech in the woods ( & here Heart of a TREE from today  ).. oo its good to let those inner children out to play

 & coffee 🙂 .. I found Coffee .. Now Who can do without the magic of coffee 🙂

A witty post on coffee in a can …. but blissfully opting for the REAL BEAN 🙂

had to leave a comment here too @frenchtouchincebu  …. Sacrilege … wanna be coffee lol … how can they manage to do such things the blessed bean .. that is such smooth magic on the pallet 🙂 … well one can but wonder about taste buds vs refined pallet 😉

OOOO & kitty the cats  I cam across a purrrrrrrfect purr @hopethehappyhugger   & had to comment on the Purrrrfect cuteness … the well trained human .. is I believe the hard work of a cat’s life 🙂  … & His Royal Highness is very well dressed I must say .. a stunner .. so he obviously has the art mastered … yip from well trained human to well trained human .. what else is there to do 🙂


I’m thinking the belly of the beast isn’t such a scary place after all 🙂

Wishing you all Magical days Wonderful’s


5 thoughts on “Visiting moments in time for 101 found this : Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers—Hmmm, Think Again .. so decided to try the “scary” PRESS this button ;) LOL

    1. I do believe Château’s suit us both 😉 .only difference is I’ve gotten lost in the widgets so many times n lost them all too but somehow in all the “what the fricking heck is this” manoeuvres .. I discovered galleries and image widgets & I’m really visual so love photos n stuff .. also love the simplicity of the theme … that might be somewhat contrary but ..well little bit o this and a little bit o that … good for the soul 🙂

      Oh and haven’t replied yet on your Uncle M …. mine are very different circumstances but on manipulative arses that piggyback .. trespass & steal .. I’ve had my fill of experiences with … I’m keeping well clear keep strong with the NO .. for me its the best thing I have ever done for myself ever 🙂

      Blessings to you lilypup


  1. Thanks so much for supporting my Real Drink Coffee cruisade 😉 What a beautiful blog you have, looking forward to reading more 🙂 Have a sweet day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes .. the coffee thing … from bean to perfect brew ..a delight for the senses … it has to be REAL .. makes for a whole deep adventure in magic with every cup .. no mug .. big mug 😉 … have a Magical day

      Liked by 1 person

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