Your Beautiful that’s the TRUTH of it  … simply & completely


 like a sunset perfection … each and every one of us is

uniquely perfectly perfect  … just the way we are

& when you think about it how Magical is that 🙂  … how wondrous …. how exciting to get to know so many nuances of all that is ..

why do so many .. feel  .. not enough … Ideals that make beautiful Brilliant & unique people belittle themselves  ? …. WHAT is that ???

It sure as heck ain’t the TRUTH

Limitations .. set by society … media .. Airbrushed distortions to glorify drama  .. the falseness  … the fake

The Spin that is so dizzy by its own spin on spin …  its ripped out of whatever foundation it once had … in REAL & TRUE

NO seriously F*** that .. Oh Whoopsee pardon the language .. NO .. Really FUCK that .. I mean it … Baaaa to apologising for the language

let me say that a bit louder …. FUCK THAT


We are MAGNIFICENT .. HUGE .. SOULS  Amazing BEings having a small journey in a physical Earth Body

Our Amazing HEARTS  …  Vibrate at a Frequency of 50 000 hertz  which is more than twice the electrical measurements made for all our other organs .. including the brain

So .. why does the manipulations of fear based drama ..ruled by the few who manipulate for POWER .. through Society .. Religions .. Governments … not to forget Mainstream MEDIA  … They SPIN YOU ROUND ROUND ROUND …  & go so far to keep us from this amazing energy … from our core … from ALL that we are … THE HOLY GRAIL

THE HOLY GRAIL = our KNOWING HEARTS  … in which SOURCE’S unending well always flows   … where we are always connected to ALL THAT IS … Pure POWER  … Pure ENERGY .. the LOVE of ALL THAT IS

LOVE THY SELF  .. we have to LOVE ourselves first  .. or we wount even know how to really LOVE anyone else ..

Well it was my discovery that we have to be our own ..shining white knight .. horse n all … its the only way when TRUTH is important to us .. cause we can only shine even more with a partner that is also his/her own knight … two WHOLE BEings so to speak ..sharing … free and clear of the normal human drama …



Wishing you ALL Magical days Wonderful’s



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