Chocolate n coffee .. its closing in on midnight and all I can think of …  hmmm its an inner debate .. and I’m not sure which side the outcome will sit triumphant upon ..

yodatrust your heart feel the forceAll I can say is I’m sure not doing myself any favour here … just writing the word ..COFFEE … and I can practically taste it …  I’m feeling the force of it so I am 😉

Now chocolate .. thats a different topic …. but I have recently been enlightened  to the marvelous magic that it counts as my 5 a day 😉  .. its cocoa … comes from a tree is a plant


& I have to say I LOVE the fact that that makes it count as salad 😉

Add a cat in the coffee … and thats out n out a perfect example of self love 🙂


so basically what more could a girl want at midnight 😉


I joined blogging 101 .. so I could finally figure our ..what it was that I was actually doing ..  I have a perfectionist streak in me … that in every spare moment the last 2 days have taken me into the belly of the beast so to speak .. the simple assignment of changing a tagline and by the time I was into todays tag project … has taken me through and up to theme no 13 .. by which time Chateau & pink had had newly chosen widgets too  … AAAAAAAAAA  &

the technic grump  had settled in   … Computers .. application and theory  can  make my hair stand on end … & without electrocution at that   … Really I’m saying .. my laptop  IS the only thing I truly argue with …  curse at .. and have long grumpy conversations with … well most things on this thing does itself .. or it does things you don’t want it too all on its own .. .. but then sometimes ,,, and normally with the simplest of things … it can have you chasing your own tail such dizzying effects .. that the fear of imminent implosion  … explosion …  fingers in the light socket hair moment .. you know  … the right up on end ones 😉



In a total contrast the smooth fruity Italian whine I had for dinner .. with its bouquet of ripened berries .. sweetest peaches and the summer time bliss of fresh mown grass  and flowery honey .. brought me day dreams of summer .. travels and magic

In other words right beautifully back to me … Rescued by Magical Italian Wine

& I got back to remembering that I created the Maia Blessings blog  for the senses ..  FUN .. humour Art and as a focus on the book (s) that I’m in the process of writing


Wishing you all Magical days wonderful’s



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