Alien Landing 🙂 ..or new fangled scarecrow 😉 LOL
a couple of days ago … a little sphere in a field caught our attention  .. being shiny and mirror like from some angles 🙂 .. as it also did several birds and a few others too ..

what some thought it might look like .. we heard UFO 😉

The fact that the birds seemed totally non pluses by what was obviously there to deter them 🙂 was also somewhat amusing though ..

029alien landing lol

Ah yes our beautiful blessed feathered friends trust their intuition . .. always  … now …if but more humans would do the same

for the following of the Hearts Wisdom is Oh so important for us all  .. and for our Mama Earth ❤

BE Happy Wonderful’s ..for in the JOY from the LOVE is where all the Magic begins to sparkle grow and take shape …. Flowers Bloom ..Nature Expands … Life Begins Creations BIG Bang ..over and over in so many forms ..ways and in so much Beauty ❤

This is what I WISH for ALL in 2015 Happiness … and the Deepest JOY ..




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