TRUE POWER … Healers … gurus … teachers .. AAAAAHHHH to all that shit I see roll on by as all these that say ,…. join and you shall have it through me … Baaaa HUMBUG … and Darn I’m GRATEFUL  I’m ME .. and have always had the ability to see straight through the nonsense of “spiritual” drama …

Source light … Energy .. Violet Flame and all the rest is all around us all the time … our job is just to connect to and with it … simple really … or as complicate as each one of us makes it … all in the choices … the Blessings .. the Giving & Receiving  … so for the NEW YEAR may I wish you

016x bsx purple flame

Blessings of LOVE & LIGHT ❤ Wishes of  Magic in all your days Wonderful’s ..

BREATHE & BE … look FORWARD .. DREAM NEW Beauty Love & Magic in all ways into every next moment …

that way the PRESENTS we open with each NOW is always more Magnificent than the one before ❤

& let the LOVE sweep cleansingly through .. to let go & give UP in PEACE & JOY all that does not acknowledge the the TRUE VALUE of you …

just simply BE the LOVE unconditionally from within .. and ALL Blessings flows to you ❤

The Beautiful Energies all around … they ALL want to know us … We just have to let them in while we also raise our Vibrations to match them .. Your HEART knows Wonderful’s … its know the way … its know how … it know all … and when you need a little help and encouragement on the way … your hearts will even telly you who might be able to help you too ❤

TRUE Healing / TRUE HONOURABLE healers With the heightening Vibrations of Earth and Cosmic Energies … The LIGHT BEings of TRUE LIGHT .. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can no longer do the work for those still in drama .. the me myself & I .. of some healers and gurus .. those that gather the worshippers .. that I see oh far to much …. is just used to drain people of their life force .. allowing the supposed healer/guru … all the energy possible cause its being pour into them by all the followers .. while only partly or at times connected in source themselves … this the “spiritual” DRAMA .. is the biggest trap for most … …

the CONNECTION to SOURCE and Neutrality has to be there because this new higher vibrations … only TRUE SHARING .. in Total TRUTH .. completely HONOURABLY … we can be guided to ignite the light within … and we can be guided and helped along on the path to feeling safe and free to BE … by an honourable soul with no agenda … because simply their own connection to Source is SOLID … and although we will share our light ..never trust a healer ..teacher ..master or any other that say they can DO IT FOR YOU … NO NO NO ..does not happen .. can not happen … if anything those kind of people ..will make you feel worse … and are normally the biggest energy vamps there are ….

016x bsx source energy power of one

A TRUE Healer … knows .. that we can do 50% of the work for you .. around you and in energetically … but the remaining 50% of the MIRACLE .. of the MAGIC ..of LOVE .. has to come from inner WORK … and total honesty with self .. acceptance of TRUE VALUE .. and letting go fear .. giving up all that holds one back ..down .. as less then .. it means .. put simply ..COMPLETE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY …

Its not always easy to work like this .. cause so many have a fear of the word responsibility … so they run from themselves …or just simply do not want to do the work … but really complete personal responsibility is TOTAL FREEDOM ..

We work like this Andreas & I .. because its the only way to truly honour another BEing on their JOURNEY … only way to show the HEART .. how to TRULY  SEE … HEAR .. SENSE .. FEEL and to wondrously TRUST that that Beautiful inner Magic  … it is also the only way for the TRUE and MAJOR TRANSFORMATIONS to BE … for the MIRACLES ❤

May you BE Blessed with many Wonderful’s ❤
Always much LOVE Maia


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