Tree homage to Sister Moons daytime presence male & female in blessed balance  

red ceedar

This beautiful Red Cedar has shared its bark & fallen branches .. for smudging too  .. although the bark I believe is Mr & Mrs Squirrel that help along to loosen and fall fresh to the ground … seconds before I come near.

Cheeky little chaps they are … I’ve watched in the woods how they target some walkers with a rain of beech nuts in autumn … and always perfectly targeted too.

Playful little blessings ..always supplying reasons for smiles and a few giggles.

Mama Natures  & her precious Blessings  … always giving so much to keep the gratitude feeling … overflowing  in and through an open heart. 

I’ve been thinking come Winter Solstice in a few days time I should start a letting all that Gratitude flow in writing  … through a full turn of the wheel of the year … and a beautiful challenge for me …as I’ve been thinking of writing more than writing for far to long now .. So I accept my own challenge to Bless every day in words of Gratitude OUT LOUD in writing this  coming year … Breathing the LOVE further and wider 🙂

BE Happy Wonderful’s … enjoy the moments

May you all have Magical days filled with LOVE & JOY  … and all the blessings and wonder of what truly matters in life … the beautiful moments that make every day .. every NOW the most beautiful presents to self and to ALL ❤

Namaste ❤  Maia


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