Last full moon of the year yesterday, the clearing of all that is not for our highest good has been quite something … riding the waves of the removal of all force … all fear based thinking … being filled with more and more LIGHT ..


more LOVE … PEACE & the healing is deepening and expanding at a constant fast rate …

This last year has been both Amazing & Wonderful yet also extremely tough  for someone pretty much born on a “shamanic” path .. with a knowing that’s scary to all those who in theory are supposed to look out for you .. siblings that have your back and parents who catch you if you fall kinda thing  …  well for 40 years I hoped … and  always wondered how I could LOVE more … deeper and ore unconditionally … turn off the need for a return of real LOVE .. TRUTH & unconditional giving …

I have written a fair bit on many topics that the Angels & Guardians as pushy about me publishing .. or just not hiding away from any more … well I lept in some years ago completely … so I need to be sharing more. The reason I haven’t .. I didn’t want to share to many tears … YIKES … well paradox as it seems … what has been the HAPPIEST year of my life ..has also had floodings as major events ..Hmmm & HA  … tears have been coming with being shown GENTLENESS… KINDNESS …. well GENUINE Gentle & Kindness  & GENUINE LOVE … DEEP CARING with no demands or expectations … & OH so much more ….  all of which I’ve always given, but had no idea that I really had not experienced the receiving of & it puts a spin on the “Soulmate” “Twinflame” relationship that makes everything I have read .. learnt accepted and experienced my entire life squarely in the recycle bin either  drivel ..trash … nonsense … or simply not remotely deep and powerful enough information.


What & who we share our energies with physically .. astraly or in spirit / light form ..has so much more impact on just EVERYTHING … for both positive and negative … being in balance and clearing our energy as well as protecting our beautiful selves .. our hearts .. our energy is essential … some vibrations can be dust and yuck …. while other are LOVE & WOW … all is shared … so chose well for yourselves …

Well as stuff and old memories has revisited …. normally with me rather horrified and deeply saddened at what was acceptable and perfectly normal in the dramas that played out around me through life   …. and having had an easy enough time of forgiving others … I have to say I thought I had forgiven me to … for tolerating so much s*** … hmmm well I have more unpublished as yet posts on many of these topics than I care to think about … as the memories came persistently to the surface for clearing .. all of which have with and major amounts of humour … sarcasm as bouncing boards n all .. but they tend to like this one I wrote recently

Its all a bit like OH my it sounds a bit more like a bad joke than real life …. I mean just how can you wrap your mind around 2 adults at 60 & 65 years old chasing around to have some / all of their mother ashes the way they want ???? while going so completely against her last wishes … its so far beyond the word “disrespectful”  … well have a look if you want and make your own minds up … and feed back if you will …. cause I’m curious … what would you do ??? think  ??? most of the supposedly “family” stories are that extreme … All now part of the grateful that I have acknowledged to myself and the world that its OK not to understand some behaviour  .. in fact its a blessing not to … its a bit like that saying ..: Let me not wish you a good day … but the day you deserve … and let Karma sort it out .. HA …. ooo I know Whoopsee .. but it did make me LAUGH so loud 😉

Mostly for me though it makes me extremely GRATEFUL that I am me … and even more GRATEFUL that I finally got that “family” is not always the “romantic” version of sharing and love  … and more importantly it is not just OK but essential to walk away …. once we are FREE of the chains of some relationships ….. our REAL SOUL FAMILY start showing up in our lives … those that with GRACE & LOVE share and give as we do .. so all becomes mutual .. and harmonious .. blessed in all ways …

Well than days like today when under pure Blue skies a walk in the woods .. when sweaty and a wee bit tired we stopped up top to enjoy the view .. rainbows  ..orbs and blessings were all around … in the second photo ..just below my right shoulder … well I am in there somewhere LOL … there is a face like brownish orb … ..or something thats shook loose from a an energy blockage that I could not shift for a week or so … but this amazing song by .. Walk of the earth  ” Shake it off ” .. has had me well us smiling away and singing loudly in the car .. while shaking it all off 🙂

LOVE these guys … there is a real  HAPPY JOY JOY feeling with their music … so have a look and enjoy  …

Always much LOVE Maia ❤ BE HAPPY … Choose Freedom and LOVE LOVE LOVE


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