More and more light BEings and #ORBs are showing up in my photos these days ..when the energy is particularly high … a #Rainbow light show is always also put on all around the woods … from I was little I’ve always seen and felt these things .. but now even the camera is picking them up …. I used to dream about ways to show the Beauty and TRUTH of what was all around us as a kid ..when all I got was “stop telling lies” HA … if they but only knew .. & now well ..I long since gave up …let go the need to be proven right …  there comes a time when everyone will know truth … when transitioning back into light … until then everyone CHOOSES  … and all choices must be respected ..

By far the biggest WOW & AHA for me came when I no longer felt SAD for what I knew would come to some … or for how they would feel when they finally knew … Now there is just LOVE ..   BEing Present in Acceptance & GRATITUDE

1395 enhanced

The higher we vibrate the more this #Sourcelight shows up … as we chose LOVE and #Sharing … and delete within us the old patterns and programs from fear based dramas …. and fill up with the #LOVE and #JoY that is our Birthright ..all is changing … The higher we vibrate ..the more we know #UNCONDITIONALLOVE ~TRUELOVE and #REALTRUTH .. anything less just doesn’t feel right … A natural HIGH ..just on REAL TRUE Beautiful LOVE ♡❥

Wishing Abundant Blessings in all your Days Wonderful’s




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