This morning I had totally white skies & white out mist  .. a cool beautiful magical morning  .. and as often they do .. with the Angels & Guardians saying .. YES yes yes yes  .. so it is at all times .. new to be Created .. Play .. Do .. BE fill it all in make everyday count as light filled gracious wonder

in joy create magic AIR spirit c


I was reminded of one of the clear blue days when the patches patches of clouds were Sylphs Playing & the Angels & Guardians Painted signs in the air all around … like couples dancing in sacred unions .. dragons again they often say hello .. white crocodiles .. the ultimate protection and blessings to come have been in my Dreams as well as the skies of late  & other totem animals played & danced too filling the sky with magical wonder … possibilities ..

Signs of delight & JOY

As the Guardians always say JOY in LOVE child .. just BE & LIVE create expand become ♥

Stay in the flow of higher vibrations & all become even more  … I always feel such GRATITUDE & blessed wonder at the magnificence of all

Choosing LOVE Always  ❥∞



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