#LOVE #HealingRainbowLight #SourcesBlessings@MamaEarth
A couple of days ago ..mid November here in Shropshire England .. with all other trees all around her different hues of Wondrous Golden .. this one beauty remained green

026 LOVE light blessingsa Beautiful Beech at the top of the hill .. soaking up sunset and sunrises .. she stood Tall Strong and Green … I could practically feel her calling out to come visit .. have a HUG … her invitation to share her LOVE was so strong .. The Spirits of Nature are magnificent Blessings .. sharing the Abundance so freely .. I did a wee slip sliding around to get to her … well mud skating can have some interesting moments 😉

Once up close and personal so to speak … being wrapped in her green love aura .. Pure BLISS … with Source light then starting to play … Rainbows came all around me.
I caught a few here for you all to share in the Magical# Healing# Blessings# of it all.

Take a moment … breathe in deep … FEEL the Healing LOVE LIGHT … let GO all that is still in the dramas of fear … BREATHE in the LOVE & let the JOY of FEELING GREAT Fill you ❤

Keep choosing LOVE !! & there will be no room for the fear based, pain & suffering !
& SO IT IS ❤

Always much LOVE Maia


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