There is always a feeling of being Blessed ..  filled with LOVE LIGHT & Deep Peace  .. whenever I am surrounded by Nature .. add the Guardians painting Angels across the sky .. always with little Hearts of cause …  ♥ & these signs they keep coming ♥  …. leading me further and further away from the old draconian ways of other peoples repeat dramas …they are but mere shadows of long gone memories now … integrated as lessons learnt … 

and the FREEDOM of a Drama FREE zone gained :)… somthing I am most GRATEFUL for … in the times of the expanding HEART Energies …. The LOVE Vibrations being upgraded with more and more God Particles / Life Force / LOVE LIGHT every day … its a magical time we live in … The Freedom is in the PEACE & LOVE

Maia ❥∞

Angels n hearts
Angels n hearts

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