Oh well what can I say … but feng shui can I have found make for madness n mayhem.. but mostly huge amounts of laughter & well my normal crazy to most life going a wee bit loopy  with a few take you pick sprinkles ..HA …. I mostly go by .. the natural feel good of things & flow with that .. but occasionally I have a swish around after reading sommet that makes sense to me … so for years there I was thinking I had things right way around according to feng shui anyways … with all the good energy flowing … as you do … Then I went and found that I had not .. & not just a wee bit wrong either ..  but a full twist ..front is the side kinda thing .. hmmm

So not just was it up side down but also inside out ……. my bin & recycling in the kitchen were in the good fortune space … TIKES & YIKES .. & OH my Ggggggggg Oooooo .. LOL


While my good fortune space is the hall & part of back bedroom .. tiny bit of the front room .. bathroom wedged in there  too .. YIKES .. AAAA  … all that flushing  … which made my thought go to OH MYgggg AAAA flushing away abundance .. as you do right … first anyways … then my cheeky self 😉 .. through my fluffy self 😉 told my “overly sensible self” to get over herself  … and consider the flushing away of all the unwanted .. all old s*** 😉 of all kinds … and what wondrous room that made for all the new & magical beauty & wonder of life ❤

Although letting that get to the inner zen calm place … was an interesting prospect indeed ..as not forgetting to mention that  …. my career & life mission space  … as just inside what I considered my front door … but the front door was really out the side in the main entrance part (4 flats in a big house hmmm ) & ..AAAA .. So as entrances go .. I also used to dry my clothes there in the winter HA .. Talk about scrubber / Cinderella without the prince or flipping fairy godmother perfection of my past self 😉 .. Hahahaha .. all the rubbish recycling & cleaning in the fortune space … AAAAAAAAAAAAAA OUCH HAHAHAHA .. hhhmmmm

Guess who’s flew around like a possessed tornado moving furniture .. tweaking ..twiddling and turned all around HA …& just for  good measure I put a picture of .. can’t remember the actors name .. I’m hopeless at that ..its the chap in the Matrix …the pic is the character he played stopping bullets in mid air .. It’s only small but I hung it over the front door HA … a kinda … visualised arsehole protection barrier 😉 LOL … Only LOVE .. good people ..or well balanced folks of light & shadows .. expanding ..awake n aware … & magic n wonder of cause  ..may pass n enter.

Still have no idea though what to do for good fortune “corner” with 3 while doors & 2 parts o doors in the space .. Hmmm … 😉 Ooooo oi oi oi  … LOL

Oh & just for good measure ..as if all that wasn’t enough …  my fame n reputation & so wow social life space has the huge chimney breast n fireplace on front room side & wardrobes on bedroom side … HAHAHAHAHA DOUBLE YIKES LOL .. Well least its amusing me .. I’ve been adding more crystals & mirrors to lift & light & balance in the right places .. but YIKES .. & HA if my house was to go by … I was in trouble HA HAHa & HA

OOOO but the Magical changes ❤ 😉

LOVE is all around
LOVE is all around

May your days be Blessed with LOVE & amusement



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