Now lets talk ascension for a sec .. or as I prefer heightening of the vibrations .. the word ascension is rather to adulterated for my liking … its so much simpler than all that waffle anyways .. ALL the ANIMALS can tell .. for real … Yip ..Honestly .. all of them ..can tell just how high or low your energy is .. as Mama earth is changing & heightening her vibrations ..her critters are all tuning in and up with her … its the human continuum that’s a wee bit on the slow side … we were discussing earlier how strange it is that all that rabbit on about ascension do not mention the animals ..they are little or large radars as to how us humans are getting along on our paths.

sunflower 15th sept 14 letting the heart shine

Today for instance we were walking along in the woods and came across a lady with 3 dogs ..all of which ran straight up to us … even the timid one that never went near other people at all … she was quite shocked that the little black n white collie came up to us and even let us fuss her .. as a rescue several years before someone had cut half her tale off and god knows what other harm had been done to the beautiful little soul ,,, she had never before come close to humans she did not know .. never mind let them touch her .. so we were greatly honoured … we met the twice and she came right up to us both times ❤

Ascension as such really isn’t such a big hu ha .. it just IS … it is JUST Mama Earth raising her vibrations … there need not be any discomfort at all so long as we also raise ours .. its all choice .. we chose do it the easy way ..just flow and do what mama does 🙂 … or the hard way ..fighting a loosing battle … there is no war here ,… there is only LOVE … so

Letting our Hearts shine .. listening to our inner voices ..BEing present in the moments … choosing LOVE …choosing TRUTH .. changes everything …it makes the Magic of Creations Wonders real solidifies the knowing … It opens our eyes to seeing all the beauty that is beyond most peoples vision … the sparkles and colours the energy that shines around everyone and everything … the energy of who and what we are … that tells only TRUTH … there is no hiding this light …. whether it be darkened by egos thoughts words & deeds or lightened by soul & heart love … it just IS … this energy is seen and felt by ALL the ANIMALS .. yip that’s how they can tell .. really .. all of them ..can tell just how high or low your energy is ..

You want to know how mama earth is “ascending” HEIGHTENING her VIBRATIONS … watch and learn from the animals .. they have no agendas … they are never fake … they do not lie … As for us … well once we heighten our energies enough …we get these senses too … like the animals ..the knowing on many levels awakens in us .. so the fake and untrue sticks our a mile … it smells bad n all …. and LOVE & Truth is most delightful indeed ❤ .. even the though stuff gets easy with & in LOVE & TRUTH .

Always much LOVE ❤


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