No matter what it is we receive from Mama Nature, there is always a beautiful blessing or a lesson …  Wandering around in the mud while being girlie and avoiding the moooo cow poooo 😉 A walk that ended in what I thought was a Golden find ..  of Yummy Walnuts …

walnut tree

scrumping  them was rather fun … I haven’t appropriated fruit from stray trees.. well trees that no one harvested 😉 ..since I was very young 🙂 .. but there we were .. sliding around in a bit o mud. This mud skating thing somehow makes one very giggly it seems .. & I couldn’t help it  I was feeling a bit naughty too … in a really GOOD way though .. harvesting FREE FOOD N ALL 🙂 …. & wondrous laughter meditation that it most certainly was… expanding the senses in silliness is highly recommendable .. the FEEL GOOD Factor alone pretty much outweighs everything  ….


Mama walnut tree was most generous too …  both with her fruits & the beautiful … blissful hide n seek meditation ..finding them in the mud and between the cow pats  filled with feeling more than seeing the camouflaged little blessings she had to offer, by just simply stepping on them 🙂

walnut tree behind tor
Mama Walnut is up there behind the Tor 🙂

A couple of hours of just being present, playing in the mud 😉 what more can an inner child want. Well I must say mine would so have liked just a few more nuts that actually contained nuts”… reminded me of shallowness … or just rotten on the inside.

but as it was .. this was  a beautiful confirmation for me … that when things or people were hollow …

that the treasure isn’t always what you think it will be …

just like the outside of the female of our species … well male as well I guess … when overly camouflaged .. under make up .. scents and finery … one finds they rarely are what they so dearly pretend to be  …. well a fair few Id say that under the war paint .. once they have caught their pray … Godzilla would be gentler on these new caught toys … but I guess this is a very different topic than walnuts 😉 … for another time in full I would say   … For now .. as always …I’m flowing with acceptance of the simple fact .. that I do not have to understand anybodys drama … I just have to navigate this  journey of mine .. with so much Beauty to give focus to ❤

Nature is her most Magical to me when something silly .. turns heaviness to light with new understandings .. seeing things in new ways so just acceptance comes with ease .. and then letting GO …. all that no longer serves us comes with EASE … Now thats Precious indeed.

walnut 1

Mama Walnut’s though a Beautiful BIG Tree … also shared her beautiful bark Art 🙂 … now I see a couple of owl’s for wisdom here  but have to admit that from a certain angle one is kinda penguin like 😉 .. makes for giggles 🙂 & Ooo always how mama natures beautiful blessings makes for JOY .. LOVE & Gratitude to overflow ♥

Wishing you Magical days Wonderful’s ♥ 

Always much LOVE Maia ♥






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