This has been popping out in front of me , so like if someone wants to pay me to stay there .. Hell YES … it just makes me think, and I’ve lived in far creepier looking houses.. that just needed some Tender Love & Care.  Houses are just like people really … how they are treated, or I should say how they treat themselves shines through. Whether they are cared for or whether they care for themselves … & I’m not meaning designer clothes here, or expensive perfumes …. that really only play havoc on a sensitive nose, but that could be cause I’ve mostly always made my own. I mean honouring their souls’s … Their Hearts.

If this was a real contest ... OH YIP ... most definitely ... sure ... AHA ... & could I get to keep the house too :) .. OH YES PLEASE ;)

If this was a real contest … OH YIP … most definitely … sure … AHA … & could I get to keep the house too 🙂 .. OH YES PLEASE 😉

Who they truly are. Pretty paint and trinkets are merely a holodeck so to speak, an illusion, a played out drama to hide the TRUTH.

I’d say this house, having been left by the players and their drama, just sits… as IS … As a human.. just getting to the place of .. NO more drama … none … I’m done … and stepping OUT … away …& like this house just BEing TRUTH, just BEing TRUE SELF, REAL .. NOTHING HIDDEN … just IS …. that is an Amazing and most Freeing inner and outer space…. a magical thing to just BE.

As for this Spooky house in the Woods…. I would LOVE it ….  what can I say .. MAD .. Yes yes .. I have been called worse 😉  .. it would be a blast .. an Adventure … &  its in the midst of MAMA Earths WOODS so for a Million it would be just like getting paid for stuff I always seem to have done for others anyways..  .. Just actually getting PAID  ,,,awesome ..especially If I also got to keep the house Ooooo YES .. YIP  ..AHA .. & with the million I’d make it shine  😉 .. Have a LIGHT filled Halloween GUEST HOUSE 😉

I’m sure Fat CAT here would come and stay 🙂 he needs the experience that mice come come out to play as easily as money obviously 😉  So would you come to stay with me too ?


OOO & Andreas wanted to paint it pink So that would be us set for a mad n crazy most  Wondrous & Amazing Adventure in the woods 😉


Well its pink 🙂 & cute .. & it makes me smile .. so there you go  … maybe not spooky enough though 😉 … & of cause this one would be easy street compared to the blessing in the woods  🙂 … so maybe not remotely as much FUN 😉

Really thats it in a nutshell … FUN & JOY  … and again I don’t mean the fake kind … the drinking to you drop ..just cause others do it …  or drugs that you think expand you but really numb you … or doing what someone else does ..just cause they expect you to … or lets be honest .. because you dont dare to be YOU … so most folks run around pretending to have fun while their hearts and souls Hurt … and with most of the things they say and do they hurt themselves even more …  .. I mean REALLY what is that ??? the supposed NORM of our society ???? I SO DO NOT GET IT …. & I never have.

For me … with what I used to consider a curse … seeing and sensing to much … way to much sometimes … but now I know that seeing throygh the facade is a gift indeed … its seeing truth

Wishing you all magical Weekends & Always much LOVE


18 thoughts on “A mad thought .. but I’d LOVE it :) .. Would you ?

    1. I’m guessing my weird self will have to .. turn up the heat speed up the incoming “miracles”;) so a lost n lonely place in need of LOVE can be found … then check in can begin 🙂 😀 😉


      1. I actually live in a 100 year olde Victorian house complete with creaking noises drafts and the Spirits of those who lived there before


    2. Nice 🙂 ..I Love the old creaks and sounds those places make 🙂 … I’ve lived in a couple of historic places too here n there in life … & there are some interesting places thats for sure .. or energy of past goings on as such 🙂


      1. I was told about one woman who lived in my house a long long time ago

        She was called mean evil and wicked and hated children

        Folklore has it that if any children trespassed on the property she would throw hot water out the window on them

        When I moved in 13 years ago I had to convince the locals I was not a blood relative to her which I am not


      2. A historic house with colourful history sounds cool … although somewhat interestingly rocky to start with it sounds … for me here it was 15 years ago and a little English village in the middle of nowhere … seriously old fashioned 😉 … & this strange new weird being moving in 🙂 now I like the word weird so 🙂 …. but yes there was a few that most likely would consider the bonfire the most appropriate ..and most possibly still do … although that could be cause I tend to have long conversations with cats dogs .. wildlife 😉 & sometimes plants too 😉 🙂 LOL


      3. Now…I don’t even blink an eye over the noise

        And as the story continues…

        That big olde house found me…

        The Real Estate Office put their 4 Sale sign on the wrong house so I thought I was going to see the house 2 doors down

        As soon as I walked in…my first footstep in the front door I knew this was the house for me


      4. Intuition & Heart led .. thats just Beautiful ❤ I miss that in a house …I've been in between the home with character for a bit .. not sure what /where the universe/ God/Goddess/ wants me the most right now .. feel lots of changes coming … so flowing ..nice thought ..the right houses also choosing us 🙂 like cats and the wild ones too .. choosing us 🙂 right now a toad or two in the garden and 3 ravens daily flying by saying hello too with a daily little dace & loops & craws 🙂


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