Choosing PEACE & NO MORE WARS .. This apparently was part of Scotland’s vote to remove themselves from England .. this morning .. the votes are is so .. now its waiting to see the results … I have to say Let’s hope it goes through .. be cause it says SO much

Let’s hope the MIRACLE of CHOOSING .. PEACE ..perpetuates .. expands …grows … & spreads like wild fire

sun set chooing PEACE 12 sept 2014

The world must learn that power gained by force is merely fear based in drama .. pain & suffering perpetuated

If we each as individuals choose PEACE & LOVE … our governments states / countries would have to do what they have been elected to do … be there fir the HIGHEST GOOD OF THE PEOPLE .. not for the weapons industry to make their billions … Let’s ALL learn from history ..THERE IS NO WINERS IN WAR … apart from the winning finances of those that sell weapons to both sides …this always becomes common knowledge some time after each war .. whereas to the people both / all sides there are only losses …

Let’s choose PEACE & sharing ..& being the human brothers & sisters that we all are

LOVE is the only way


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