Always seeing the Love .. breathing peace & light into this beautiful planet of ours ..& to all the souls on this ball of fire water earth air ..held together with source light force .. the LOVE of ALL THAT IS ❤

crazy blessings

Seeing all the darkness all around ..all the ways that bring in suffering .. just means we have to hold the LIGHT even stronger .. higher .. Spin & vibrate faster with our blessed mama earth as she ascends .. & transmutes I to a new balance .. ALL IS LOVE.

I have again got my inner warrior in balance … the part if me that wants to bop the noses of the Pharma industry & all other polluting of earth .. our physical precious bodies .. the chemicals the GMO the uncaring greed .. When that “bee gets under my bonnet” so to speak … it’s cause I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND how humans can do these things to each other .. harm each other ..harm the earth .. The animals ..all the precious life ..

& I have so much personal experience with other people’s bad & negative behaviour .. always forgiving .. always choosing LOVE & LIGHT … I know that choosing LOVE isnt always easy .. but IT IS THE ONLY WAY…

I’ve just come to the decision. & acceptance ..finally .. that I do NOT need to understand … Which made for the deepest breathing & best expansion for some time.

Even better it makes me extremely GRATEFUL to just BE ME …that I have no concept … no way of understanding such darkness within me …just makes me even BRIGHTER in LIGHT & LOVE …means I’m doing exceptionally well LIVING LOVE ..BREATHING LOVE in & out everyday ..just letting SOURCES CREATION PARTICLES ..FLOW & expand & anchor into all & everything.

& how could it not when those who chose to spread darkness has fear of my light …only fear spreads gossip & lies in attempts to diminish and damage … but I am done being quiet …. TRUTH like the SUN & the MOON can never stay hidden.

I have nearly folded in sadness a few times over the last few years having been stolen from …  home business & all gone because of supposed family and their bad behaviour ..& being bullied by a brother to the extent of being threatened by him , with him knowing people who would pop my knees .. beat them in & destroy me …. a man 21 years my senior .. that 2 weeks after my mama passed to light looked me into my eyes & said he had hated me & been angry with me since the day I came into this life …. Ever since I was a child .. for over 40 years all I’ve done is love him ..try to show him that anger and hate has no place …& always forgiven every trespass …

& it got worse the verbal abuse down the phone & when he showed up in person was so much that I lost the hold of my healing practice that I was slowly rebuilding after my mama passed 4 years ago because I just stopped taking the phone bullied into silence ..again …& not just by him but by all of the family be cause I was silent not wanting to even acknowledge his hate ..that I will admit …it all got worse because I stood up to him for others …what brought his hate to an all time high was ..I confronted him with himself

I had a call from a lady that told me her husband was in hospital she did not know if he would survive …because they had lost their business .. Because Bjorn ..the fake lord with a bought title …had and was refusing to pay them for months worth of work ..her husband had bought materials to use on the job he had been hired to do by my brother Bjorn Teksnes ..& they could not pay the suppliers without being payed .. Their house was being repossessed ..& between her tears & words of not knowing what to do broke my heart ….

I sadly do not remember her name but I immediately went to see Bjorn ..told him and asked him to ring her something …pay her … He was planing a 10 week Holliday around USA I even begged him to please pay them .. not give pleasure to himself when he was stealing someone’s life ..

His fury ..was cold .. he burnt the note with her name & number I gave him … Then he just laughed ..told me to stop taking the phone ..mind my own business … & he said … They could try taking him to court judge would make him pay more than maybe a£1 of 10 max month …he on paper had no money … & had always made sure he was on benefited so they could not touch him …. That last part became dinner party conversation every time I was there ..& I was only there because he owed me £20000 too .. All my furniture my potted garden all I had left after mum died … cause I felt I had to trust the pretend nice guy that turned up for a wile ..& I needed the money more than stuff to restart … I realised it wasn’t coming stepped away … didn’t go near them … They came here a few times ..he sat here looking at the fireplace 2 winters ago knowing I had no money to by coal or wood ..yet still he rather choose going on Holiday for nearly 7 months than paying what he owed …he was NOT warm for one day in his life after that, even traveling around Spain in his huge new American luxury home on wheels …

Well there is a lot more … & this isn’t the post I intended ..well last year around this time ..after having upped the hatred coming my way considerably yet again he passed into the other dimensions … The last year karma took hold of so many things ..I could hardly believe what I heard & saw … in & through karma his anger and fury at me just keep getting worse ..when he passed .. I was free ..sadly everyone in my supposed family believe his / their lies so I still feel their hate & anger …

Whatever it is they are yapping about has caused others who really do not know me to be angry & judgemental towards me  & even over this last year there has been attempts with fake love to get me to accept and just fall in with their lies …

I say ..NO … & NEVER EVER AGAIN ..

in the acceptance & blessed knowing that I am in no way like them ..I’m FREE .. that I do NOT UNDERSTAND how anyone can do anything even remotely like this to another the biggest BLESSING

All I can do .. Is unconditionally LOVE … & FORGIVENESS as always in all ways … & hope they find their own light & a way out of the drama criminal behaviour and betrayal.

To me I am reclaiming the word FAMILY …Family :they are SOULS of the HEART that share LOVE LIGHT & PEACE .. Those of my past … all I can say is I graciously thank J K Rowling & Harry Potter of the word & entity BOGGARTS 🙂 .. It perfect . .. even down to what they brought back in a weird cloud of what felt like fear of truth .. and a demand that I was to see it their way  .. fake love … A whole life .. Well 2 all that was left if mamas earthy possessions .. most if which they had 15 years before when she had to come and live with me because another boggarts threw her out of her home …& a tiny bit of mine … well it all fitted under the stairs 🙂 .. Yip all in the cupboard under the stairs in the common area .. & even HP’s bed wouldn’t go in there .. now that says  a bit about someone’s character …. when stuck in a system /family drama of greed and corruption. something ugly and sick.

People who act like this … psychology wold term borderliners .. sociopaths & even psychopaths …. yet somehow they always find so many people that suck up to them .. that are also used and abused … but get so used to it that they do not even notice…to the followers ..I will say this … do you really think that someone who says so much shit about others behind their backs .. does not do the same to you ???  Its nothing more than the whole FAKE most popular girl or boy at school thing … either your in or out … so you prostitute your soul ..all that you are too be what they want you to be … so that you are liked… by the most popular bully …

& my hope and wish for you is .. to wake up … find you ..who you really are  .. see your VALUE  … in so doing you will find others who truly value you .. Be Blessed … Choose LOVE .. the kinda fear that keeps you trapped is unworthy of your beautiful soul.

Maia Blessings / Marianne Teksnes


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