LOVE is everywhere … if we allow it … breathe it in and breath it out … inside each and every one of us PEACE will live .. that will change our world !

May the winds blow all your worries away .. & may LOVE BLOW in instead

The sky has been filled with hearts today as pretty much every day .. playfully floating by in the strong clearing winds … LOVE everywhere  … Today’s picture is a beautiful heart cloud from a couple of days ago .. I seem to get pictures of heart clouds almost daily .. even in stormy weather with dark skies ..storms rain thunder and lightning I see these signs of LOVE ..

LOVE is all around

.. reminding me to breathe & BE .. there has been so much happening lately .. I do inform myself ..but I do not watch the news /tv .. or read mainstream media ..mags or papers  any more .. have not for years … for load of reasons …

The first which though is :  I LOVE TRUTH  & 2. I DESERVE TRUTH  … I BELIEVE WE ALL DO ….  mainstream waffle is all spin & lies .. for as long as I can remember there has been this sensationalism .. blow it out ..way out like a balloon and most people will lap it up .. like gossip … well I never have had time for gossip either … no matter how it comes its the same …. mostly its like looking at a haystack and wondering about the needle … somewhere in all the yapping … the sensational reporting .. is a root of a truth so hidden in twisted nonsense .. spun so thoroughly that discerning the ounce of truth in the 10 ton stack  of fear based drivel  …. is just YUCK … being a bit of a lie detector .. energy wise … in todays society .. HA well it is a bit like the whole needle in a haystack thing … .. only the needle vibrates …  … or the lack of a decent sized needle has you looking around and wonder just why and how people are swallowing all the drivel they are being fed …. I’ve often wished I had one f those eyebrows that could go way up .. sais soooo much 🙂

Blessings and respect to all those who call a space a space .. who blog and write the truth ..  post pictures/ videos from their neighbourhoods / countries … and give the on the ground truth so to speak … its everywhere .. it amazing …Its so easy to inform yourself these days … also historically .. its time to see the larger pictures … and learn from the mess of the past … not just make a worse mess than the one before over and over again …. YIKES .. to me ..its a bit like I want to shout HELLO … anybody home in the little grey cells  … & oooooo look the eye’s really do not have roller blinds .. you just have to choose to open them.

For the sensitive souls energetically its a mess … as sensitives/ empaths we often feel the problems of the whole world .. it can be overwhelming at times .. discerning what is ourselves and what is others can be a most painful experience … & even for those of us who have figured out what is truly just ourselves & what is from outside / others .. world drama etc it can feel so heavy you can hardly move …. and it can on occasion take a fair bit to get back in alignment with soul self, when you’ve let yourself feel to much.

Well I haven’t written for a while ..cause I had plans of making this blog for only the fluffy beautiful uplifting kinda moments …  and the last one wasn’t .. I let my sarky and my heart truths loose … at times that can be both like ooo WHOOPSEE & YIKES all together …. well this blog was supposed to be for all the healing & blessings that mama nature can give us in so many ways … and after my last post ..I really have had some serious thinking on this subject .. not really helped by the angel cards always showing .. “come out of the closet” (HA) & TRUST 😉 oh yep … so … a wee  tennis game in my own head and heart … about Truth and Love in a fluffy way only  … or just being me fully and completely … and going with Truth & Love in all ways … well as I see it anyways …

it was this last week that made it clear …. from everywhere all I seemed to notice ..was messy drama .. on repeat ….   fake … nonsense and spin …. over this last full moon I found myself a few times wondering if the plot had been lost completely …. and I even wondered if there was only gremlins posting on FB … messy breakups . loud and filled with accusations .. sad if the same person had not done the same less than 2 years before .. putting loads of photos up of his new girlfriend … they get younger  …. hmmmm …  and accusing the fiance  of being psycho … hmmm .. on repeat … same shit … but even more .. HELLOOOOOO like really was the amount of people who added their energy to this nonsense  ….I can so do without this shit over a good morning coffee … so Fb is now almost of my radar to …. well this kinda stuff is in my book simply psychic attacks and energy stealing at its worst .. in and of drama  … the fight for energy between people  …

We are at a time in which  everything is changing …. this kind of manipulation … well it backfires …. Karma doesnt wait any more … but … what goes out comes back in heavier doses …. this kinda shit … the darkness it brings and creates … I see / feel this mesing … it more often than not become illness in and around those who create it and participate in it  … cancer feeds on this kind of shit … depression becomes worse .. like being under heavy weights … yip the heaviness of it … is damaging to many … if all these people who yapp with and join in this kinda shitty gossip .. realised .. saw what happened to their auras …. they would freak out …

So really its time to wake up .. and take responsibility for all our thought … words and actions … because each and every one has energy … goes out … if it does damage …  the value of all of that comes right on back  too … Yip it sucks … so as I see it .. best stop doing it  …. its all choice … just choose well .. chose the good and beautiful that you actually want more of … and give that to others too … it changes life from grey and sad to magic  …. ITS JUST CHOICE …

On those that feel to much .. and maybe have no awareness of sensitivities .. depression  sits as a block until the key is found and integrated to release it …. often the human dramas and doctrines … the fear in all that blocks the access to truly healing the inner self … and being all that we can be … stepping out of the fear illusion and into LOVE .. is why we are here on this planet .. to wake up …. shine our lights.

now I have to say ROBIN WILLIAMS … I was a rather horrified too see the morning he passed to light on FB … that already some of the “psychic” were claiming to have spoken to him … frankly he his soul .. his family… deserves more than all the shitty nonsense … the the beautiful memories he’s left us .. all the magic and beauty he shared opening us for JOY ..but also opening us to QUESTIONING EVERYTHING … really seeing … what was /is going on …. HE WAS/IS AWESOME …. He gave us all so much laughter .. also truths .. hard hitting ones .. principled … HEY ..LOOK at this .. wake up kinds of movies as well as ..seriously hard hitting standup …. solid truths in seriously funny ways … & he has my RESPECT .. I’m guessing it is what cause the hollywood club/ film industry … including disney to make many difficulties and set backs in his carrier …. the drama ridden society that is so frightened of truth … the underlying politics … the dark drama … that always do everything to block light …. All I can hope is that more like him stand up for TRUTH …

Really stand up .. in TRUTH …. say what’s what .. call a spade a spade …. but also that more of us stand up behind and around these brave souls … stand firm … in LOVE & LIGHT … in & with TRUTH … so that all those that work relentlessly to stop truths and make everything spin … nonsense and sensationalism …with the in our faces paparazzi puke ..YUCK …Well unless they get that we don’t want that s*** the half truths and lies, it continues …. we want REAL & TRUTH … we want honour…. at least I bloody well hope so … that its we and not just a few like me that is saturated and beyond one with all the lies and corruption ……  Unless we all stand up behind and around these brave souls … that stand at the forefront and tell the truths humour as Robin did … we will loose more. … cause standing up … being forthright … and finding that no one has your back … looking around at the backs of all those that said they stood with you … even urged you on in TRUTH … well that sucks …. I’ve been there …. I think many of us has … standing alone .. in so many ways … 

As for the disrespect of the money grabbing in the “psychic” community … all I can say is KARMA … BITES .. any of us with sensitivity and seeing /feeling /healing more than others .. do as yet … have the RESPONSIBILITY … to work in LOVE …. the half truths and lies .. the “me myself and I” & “what can I gain” …. that’s JUST WRONG …I found myself unfriending … blesing and leasing … but was again I was horrified at just how many were wowed and taken with this  ….. again this is energy manipulation … and will leave a fair few people drained … this stuff happens all the time in greater or lesser degrees .. its drama … just plain and simple … waking up and not participating .. can change everything .. for beauty and magic …  … energy is just energy … positive or negative a flow just is … it is our human freedom of choice that determines our lives and how they flow… 



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