Connecting Source & Mama Earth ♡ ❥ Summer Solstice Blessings
Wishing you Abundance of LOVE LIGHT JOY & Happiness May Mama Earth’s Magic in all ways grace your days .. your lives & your Soul’s with her Beauty & Healing Glory ♡ ❥

Orbs & Grounding Expanding Light ..all in connecting & receiving .. All is Well & always will be .. lesson & flow all ONE. 

All that we give out form our Hearts & Soul  … always amplified and returned …

Our Thought & Choices … Powerful beyond measure … They are CREATION !

Choosing LOVE ♡ ❥

completed a new look home page with much more info last night .. so think I’m getting to grips with this creator of web site thing 🙂 so newness for the summer blessing ❤

for …    … also a little mini journey into the balance of divine male & female vs. destructive archetypes in drama … vs free and flying 🙂 … :

Choose well for yourselves wonderfuls ❤ Cause in the choosing is where the Magic Flows
Maia ♡ ❥


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