Dragons in & out of Drama .. well the human equivalent ..

♡ ❥ Still needing the lesson  or having gained the wisdom .. its most obvious to all … who’s who and what’s what 🙂 … In wisdom gained … it displays Strength .. fairness Honourable truthful … Uplifting and honouring ALL  … where more lessons are coming .. or Karma being gathered with the snappy dragon .. this would be humans of the B WORD description in both women & men  .. you know the kind .. scorching .. snapping & biting with second & third degree burns not uncommon in the victims.. hmm .. That would be dragon in Drama  Yip  .. it makes for some lessons ..however .. once we learn that particular ouchy .. no need to go back for a repeat performance so to speak  .. well just saying  … it really is best just to let them scorch their own arses 🙂

When I have pondered this balance /imbalance the Guardians often reply in & with cloud art.. … ask for a sign and they are normally HUGE …  just above me supplied in wondrous cloudy brush strokes…. like the BIG Guy here ..relaxed and poised breathing out hearts … victorious in the inner balance.
Balanced Dragon Power :)
Balanced Dragon Power 🙂

& from that inner knowing .. WISDOM is gained  & OH now that is precious indeed  … the growth is phenomenal … Our Soul expanding … The Balanced DRAGON the HONOURABLE that holds the Energy of RESPECT .. TRUTH & the Power of LOVE ..It can easily be defined by saying Bruce Lee .. John F Kennedy … Martin Luther King .. not to mention Gandhi & the Dalai Lama ♡ ❥

Men & Women living & being .. TRUTH HONOUR & INTEGRITY … Sharing their LIGHT & igniting others … with LOVE TRUTH & HONOR ….cause  anything less just lowers the vibrations considerably … Knowing TRUTH .. is also accepting all other as is .. Honouring the differences & becoming more for the deeper understanding of anything with has views from all angles & a higher perspective to view them from .. to see how the threads weave intricate & beautiful patterns .. & how all are as valuable as the other .. no one less than no one more than …all ONE … Yet all uniquely different .. & all in the flow of flowering into creations  expansion of Light & all that IS if we so choose ❤





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