Hugging trees … I have been know to partake in this enchanting …  energy enhancing experience … mmmm with no problems really … but its also a long time since I’ve given two hoots about how this might look to others 😉  ..well being blissfully wrapped in the beautiful green light aura of trees, that just makes everything look different shades of green all around … not difficult in nature I know .. but green humans walking past can look a little like overgrown leprechauns  … which can produce giggling by huger as all these green being’s can look at you quite funnily … Strange as you are there wrapped around a tree n all giggling away 😉 ..  That no one but yourself can feel the JOY of the energy exchange ..  well thats by the by 😉

Although I will say here that when you wave a camera about your person  ..  the OH oooo careful don’t look .. (while of course staring 😉 ) .. we have a right one here .. she’s gone and lost the plot ..or might be MAD .. 😉 … is the attitude one normally gets  from humans not participating in this magical healing experience of blending n merging energies with trees ^ well all of mama Nature really ;)….. If you wanna worry them a little though having a chat and thanking the blessed ancient being out loud has real entertainment value  ..  but this is somewhat lessened .. if not completely …  but .. hold a camera ..  and your no longer a mad freak … just a photographer .. who’s apparently crazy actions are totally normal n perfectly OK  … So Yeah .. my conclusion CRAZY ..Nutty … a wee bit hippy freak + any other description you care to apply becomes totally acceptable .. with a camera ..

You can I’ve found even laugh and giggle all to yourself these days  … it is totally acceptable behaviour 😉 Yip .. the world is a crazy place.. the techy wacky phones n such has made it even easier … nobody .. but nobody blinks an eye .. or even notices you really when you hold one of those things … brandish an iphone … wave it madly if you like .. cause both I and this Blessed Great Grandmother Tree here can testify that as we were tightly embracing ..  well I was even practically purring loudly from the magnificent energy 😉  … with the space machine / phone / beam me up Scotty device .. pointing gently upwards … nobody batted an eye …  perfectly normal behaviour to all apparently … Yup .. times they are a changin 🙂

& thats a good job too as yesterdays magical experience … hugging great grandmother tree here while we were both showered in Rainbow light … had all the ingredients of a possible call out of the men in white coats ♡ ❥ So here is Mama Natures  & Source light’s Healing Light Energy at Play. The creation particles sparkles and rainbow light all around  … just

rainbowlight in grandmama treeMagical and I’m feeling blessed to capture this on camera. Maybe I should say here that I am in NO way a fan of fake .. & I have never had nor will I ever entertain giving space to photoshop … I like things to be what they are .. how they are … I just feel grateful & honoured when energy beings  devas …  Orbs … Angels n Guardians show up for a .. peek a booing in the clouds or greenery allow themselves to be see in photos.

As for fake … OOO now that is a key word to get me started  ….  I am so done in all ways shapes n forms in /of life with fake .. & that goes for people too.  I only have space for TRUTH & LOVE these days  … the GENUINE .. the REAL … the Just BEing honestly and completely themselves  …  Hey like Mama Nature … what can I say she’s gone and spoilt me .. so she has ♡ ❥ & its just so beautifully simple ♡ ❥ & Frankly I deserve that kind of Magic … we all do … but it takes the choice to BE it .. before we can receive it … it was some journey purging my life from ALL that did not resonate … but once I had … the most Beautiful and Magical turned up in my life .. TRUE LOVE … Unconditional Magic  .. Sharing & Caring … He keeps getting flooded by my gratitude tears ..Yikes .. well what can I say .. I was used to giving .. but receiving .. and not even having to ask … well ..there has to be a leakage in the system I guess 😉 cause of feeling Blessed  🙂 ♡



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