Flower essence of the blessed rose ♡ ❥  last week I made a nice big batch of mother essence .. it has a deeply healing vibration .. It’s enhancingly Loving … Lightens & lifts the physical mental & emotional bodies … & clears the aura wonderfully … I’m feeling blessed & honoured that it wished to be made now .. as20140605-211448-76488152.jpg

I haven’t made & sold / received the blessing of energy exchange with the flower essences for many years .. my energy hasn’t been right with caring for an elderly mum with cancer until she passed & my business was no more .. well however much you wish you could be in two places at once .. the heightening vibrations has as yet not made that humanly possible 😉 .. & then somehow trying my best to stay on the outside of family drama all the greed .. lies & well yuck ..just meant ethically for me .. at least .. I wasn’t clear enough to partake in the creation if something of the highest vibrations for all .. Walked away from everything last year .. so .. restart on all ways 🙂20140605-211446-76486633.jpg

The Angels & Guardians have bee rather  pushy for me to make essences again .. this last week seriously pushy about me sharing ..so today in the woods when this breathtaking light came through the trees & expanded into this beautiful rainbow bliss .. clearing the whole area in the process .. it felt like the deva of the rose .. was most solidly present & guardians were showing me the importance of sharing these blessings .. which leaves me at .. the I have no idea how .. as I used to only share / sell / exchange energy with /from the essences with clients that came here .. so ???? so any ideas anyone wish to share with me  would be most welcome ♡ ❥

I’ve Been pondering while making rose perfume today as well  .. well it will be .. perfume .. in some weeks .. from highly scented rose & vodka 😉 .. I know sacrilege to some .. but to me best use of vodka there is .. it doesn’t mess with the scent of the rose 🙂 maybe I should share that too ?? 🙂 but have to see how this turns out first I guess 😉 & still have to add more rose petals & vodka so 😉 the blessings of creation are in progress



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