Energy awareness & as more & more are opening their energy .. Flowing .. Feeling … Sensing .. so much more .. it’s extremely important to be Respectful & Completely OWNING our own energy


Forceful incoming energies .. now I can deal easily enough with most things these days .. but I know a lot can’t … as YET.. & invading or force filled energy from another can be both painful & scary .. on this path of opening awareness of Heart & all .. 

A while ago I had a client who felt like .. her words ..that daemons were trying to take her over …. like forceful sex… only there was no one present in the room / house but her. It was very much just the projection of strong male sexual energy .. really not twilight zone scary at all .. just a guy using sexual energy to project his power in the astral/ while practising lucid dreaming and/or out of body travel .. but for someone newly wake so to speak & opening her own energy .. feeling touched like that was paramount to feeling raped .. poor thing was so scared. She had thought of everything from being crazy and terrified if she told her doctor or family they would put her in a hospital with paranoid delusions … Cause well this isn’t exactly an everyday topic of conversation .. the stories of the incubus of myth …. real ???? … Well now she knows how to block .. clear & protect her energy while still being open to all the magic & wonder  … the awareness of & being able to feel some others even at a distance … but only to the existent she feels comfortable with. … Boundaries ..Healthy ones 

Well energetically ..for someone sensitive to energy … the importance of healthy energetic boundaries and knowing how to defend ourselves is extremely important  … also no fear … learning to stand completely in our own power…  
there is a huge difference between .. Unconditional LOVE of the Heart & Soul .. from that balanced place of Complete personal responsibility .. total TRUTH .. being projected ..  than force .. agendas … 


Those with no real awareness .. but with anger … jealousy .. resentment  and so on, can project as strongly at times …. as those who purposefully do this to gain energy .. Now when you energetically push them out of / or away from your energy field they step up the pressure, increase their force, this can cause a great lack of energy in some .. So respect & honour .. of ALL at ALL times is paramount. The HONOURABLE that are aware of their energy .. When you send a gentle push back also with energy of cause .. to where the line is .. They immediately RESPECT that .. 

Everything lies in being in balance & having complete awareness of self & owning it .. from there all is well & it’s really not that difficult .. but it is rather essential to gain the awareness …. Everything affects everyone so strongly these days … & most of those in Drama aren’t aware of what they let their energy do … or they are in complete denial .. it doesn’t mean that they aren’t responsible for it though & it will have a backlash at some point …We are responsible for the ENERGY we bring in all ways

Everything has to be in TRUTH & HONOUR  … & those that aren’t honourable with it will end up with all sorts of negative energy debris to remove at a later date .. both their own & others … can get most uncomfortable …  most have more than enough with their own to clear .. never mind having it added to by messing with energy they know nothing about … & for those that know & do it purposefully the price has to be payed …. so best I’d say to keep it honourable ..for a Blessed .. life 


 I have to hope  that total Truth & Unconditional Love is where most actually come from … so have Integrity & honour .. but unfortunately however supposedly spiritual some are… they also have a bit of an underlying agenda … well in short all the fake.. greed & drama … that messes with the natural flow and magic of nature  and all that is … 


Freedom IS  …. JUST simply  TRUTH & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE .. the total understanding of which only comes with owning our energy on all levels .. it is extremely important … & it changes everything … from a place where nothing is hidden .. all just is as it is …. the inner PEACE …. & amazing blessings that come with that … gives a freedom that is indescribable. 


So to have complete awareness of our energy …  OWNING our energy .. Knowing it well ..  basically means HONOURING the energetic personal boundaries of all as well as ourselves  & this sadly there are too many that are NOT aware  … that is not just physically we hold this responsibility .. but most definitely also Energetically …Thought feelings & emotions ..are projected out from us and towards us at all times … we are all like little lightning conductors  …. LOVE TRUTH Honour & Integrity Grounds & expands us  ..  Unconditional LOVE is gentle .. Beautiful & totally accepting … & doing NO harm  … all else there are ways of deflecting and actively defending ourselves from 🙂 

Maia ♡ ❥


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