One of Mama Natures Green Moss Hearts  although the placing of which .. combined with the thoughts of fig leaves  can sure make for smiles … that tickle the mind into a few giggles 😉 


Nature ‘s humour … always reminds me to laugh  at everything in life .. to see all with humour .. more often than not the .. medicine of giggle bubbles 🙂 … can bring ease even fun to the toughest of situations …. Light in which ever form it comes .. raises the vibrations .. so the more of it we welcome into our lives the more magic everything becomes.

NOW this one has me thinking that when trees think we’re not looking …well they might just dance a merry dance among the woodlands… the spring flowing greenery  talks of rising passions … summer well the most magnificent of ballroom gowns could not out do them … autumn striptease in colours of gold and fire … while the wind plays & the leaves soar into flight of dancing whirls … through winter in bare contemplation … nothing to hide … just letting Soul BE present & seen   … Through all seasons blesses nature … each tree shows us the JOY of expanding our Souls into Joyousness




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