Safety is a place within… You … I … WE … are always safe & secure… & free to be ourselves  ❥∞  The more we are TRUE to our HEARTS .. our SOULS … the more the Magic .. coincidence … synchronistic events … on the path to wholeness … appears.

kissing in the sun

N’ well from there … ALL  things become possible … TRUST it to bring …JOY … understanding & fulfilment to life no matter what the present circumstances appear to be …. Just CHOOSE LOVE  🙂

Always … Expect the unexpected & prepare to be amazed… Ask and you will receive…. There is no need to fear… LOVE is everything  …. Use Eyes of Beauty … positive expectations … clarity …… & know all is well now and always will be ❥∞

A PS.. for BIG signs … the picture here is one I took a few months before my HEART Mate/ Soul mate / twin flame Andreas were blown together by the winds of SOURCE … and it came with the words .. “He is coming child .. very soon .. We LOVE you .. ALL IS WELL .. we are honoured by your TRUST … it is TIME… great healing has taken place and great healing will keep expanding”

Well so much to say on that subject, but for another time … for now .. he came ..we met .. and now we soar together … life is magical indeed ❤

Never give up …. just BE YOU … just BE … TRUST your HEART is always KNOWS ALL … if anything is to be ignored .. make it mind ruled by ego …it is prone to drama .. and makes life rather stuck …… Rather make mind a tool of the HEART .. from there .. well anything is POSSIBLE !

Now we  :





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