Bluebells are out … their blessed perfume magnificent .. They always show me HOW STANDINGS TOGETHER AS ONE … AMPLIFIES POWER … & they also show just perfectly the WE ARE ALL ONE yet we are ALL UNIQUELY DIFFERENT TOO .. Why you may ask .. well stand in a bluebell wood & your nose is having a raptures blissful experience of Beauty ..yet pick just one & hold it to your nose for a deeper scent .. you will feel perplexed because it has none … it seems to have no smell at all …But together you can smell them way of in the distance..


Now thanks the one flowering stem away from the others …& it magically has all the scent … take it indoors & one individual imperfect perfection of a stem will fill your whole home with wonder .. actually too much of natures wonder .. rivals the Lilly this little beauty does  .. So best we never underestimate Mama Nature … cause all I’m saying is if one little blue flower can do this  well there ain’t nothing more powerful than mama earth .. so best we give her respect 


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