I followed the feathers to A glorious sunrise this morning ♥ I was only in my PJ’s mind, so couldn’t go too far only just outside in the front garden .. well you know don’t want to scare the neighbours too much .. Cause well sleepy village as this might be .. but when your  in PJ’s & a big jumper.. or you think you won’t be seen … well that would be like when I first moved in and I figured a smudging all around at 5 – 5.30 am would be safe .. as there were hardly anyone about really .. normally anyways HAHA & HA everyone including God n his lad was up out n about … and all aiming for the post office just next door to me to pick up their morning papers from the porch .. Well all I can say is .. it sure was an INTERESTING introduction 😉 YIP … No wonder they view me as a bit strange really 😉 hmmm OH well no HA 😉  when letting the weirdness leaps on out without thinking 😉 just BE .. NOW that can get you some eye popping moments I telly you  ❥∞

angel blessings
angel blessings




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