All through a walk a little while ago I kept saying the brambles & nettles sure keep biting my backside today .. Kept pulling & tugging at this long thick jumper .. watching for biting brambles & nettles like a hawk .. Thinking OUCH .. & darn quite a bit .. It did eventually dawn on me that my legs & thighs while walking through the prickly undergrowth should be where I felt them .. but I felt them like a hedgehog was being used on my behind  … Hmmm.. LOL .. when the bramble conclusion of 2 & 2 makes 4 no longer made sense & I realised it was 3 5 10 or any other number but 4 🙂 … I eventually did a war dance with the jumper & discovered not just these few but what seemed like hundreds of dried thistle heads . .. Hmm

The removal of which .. hmmm & these really are just a very few …. picture was so taken at the end of the war dance with jumper in the woods 😉  .. well All I can say is HA .. & OH it filled me with GRATITUDE the result of the removal dance .. Mama Nature is the most magical of teachers 



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